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Moon Light by thanriu (critique requested)

Moon Light (critique requested)


28 May 2013 at 10:25:37 MDT

That there are guys! 8D, today I bring you the drawing as completed, actually I liked a little the as I was, but as always I will end by saying... "I could have done better" thing not to forget... that each of us can do everything what we do even better than we do now, just you have to propose nwn

well now I explain... revising in the gives Mekhalive (User in Deviantart) (me was inevitable... was a bit "nostalgic" arguably...) I found a drawing in particular which is as follows:

that is special?, because at first glance only seen 3 of 4 forms that has my Wolf, among these are Dragon, Hippogriff, Tiger and though they can see it much... mouse *w*

seeing their way of mouse, apart from see cute it is wanted me to draw her and... branded!... behold this drawing X3, the environment or stage was something ramdom but I liked the idea, I hope you like all you guys and especially to Mekhalive... I miss you much love u.u...


Mice Left: Mekhalive

Mice Right: Thanriu

Working in Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Easy Paint Tool Sai

Transformice: Meli and Ninja-belette

EDIT: Currently we are no longer dating, after long time without having contact with her, I decided to cut the relationship, did not want to suffer for their absence and because of my jealousy, Zaphy... sorry...

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