My OU Team by TezzyPants

My OU Team


23 April 2014 at 20:31:08 MDT

These are the babes I use on pokemon showdown and eventually will be using in game.

Annie the Scolipede. She'll start off sorta fat and slow. But eventually she'll get worked up enough to ruin your day.
Bertoldt the Gyarados. He's a bit shy and really a gentle giant. But once he knows he needs to act, he's quite the hard hitter.
Reiner the Garchomp. Big cocky son of a bitch. He tends to go for the heavy hitting moves and hopes for the best. But is often taken down by a moonblast or icebeam,
Christa the Togekiss. She may act sweet now, but don't trust the cutefront. That's a choice scarf on her, and she's here to ruin your day with flinches.
Ymir the Espeon. Christa's best buddy, when Christa sees a toxic or stealth rocks coming her way, Ymir is there and ready to bounce those silly moves back at ya.
Eren the Galvantula. A very angry and headstrong fella, often too focused on taking down the opponent to realize he's about to get it himself.

(For those who can't tell, names are inspired completely from Attack on Titan)

My babes. If anyone wants to battle me on showdown, let me know!

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