White and Black by terrorisnear

White and Black

White and Black


Cats yowled as blood speckled the ground. Chunks of fur were scattered everywhere. There were multiple cats fighting with one another. A large grey tom had just
cut a gash on the face of another cat. The grey tom snarled and growled viciously, as the cat he was battling hissed and stumbled back a bit. He had darker colored
ears and back, and white paws. The large grey stripe went all the way down to the tip of his tail.
The cat that the grey tom was battling, was brown and had a lighter brown underbelly and chest, and a long dark stripe going down her tail. She was a munchkin
cat, so shewas very short. The cat looked around, her clan was losing. The brown cat, which was a female, raised her head. "Mudclan! Retreat!" she yowled, twisting
her tail. As her green eyes showed obvious anger. Some of the cats followed her. The grey tom watched her run. He stood proud and tall ashe lifted his head, and yowled.
Cats around him joined in, celebrating their victory. "Greyback, do you want me to go and get Firepelt to help the ones who cannot make it back?" Said a male. He
was smaller, and younger than Greyback. He was a white cat, with grey spots covering his pelt. He had a bobbed tail. Greyback turned to him. "No. We shall bring them
back. Tell those who can still walk, to help those who cannot."
"Yes Greyback." said the younger cat, as he bowed. He then turned. Greyback looked to the stars, as cats had already began to head back. He narrowed his eyes a
bit, then followed. He walked into a wooded area, the forest floor was covered in leaves. There was a chill in the air as he trotted back. It was autumn now.
Autumn had just begun, so it wasn't to cold, and the tree's still had leaves clinging to their branches. The leaves he stepped on crunched under his paws. Not
long after, he entered a clearing. The cats of his clan was there, cheering as they were all proud of their victory. When they had seen Greyback, their cheering
got a bit louder. Greyback swished his tail happily, as he smiled.
A female soon trotted up to him, and rubbed against him. She licked his side. "You did well tonight." she said to him. The female was a sandy colored. She had
a white muzzle and paws, and she had darker ears. "Thank you Sandears." He purred affectionately. "I have to tell Silverstar of our victory." He said, as Sandears
nodded and trotted back to her den. Greysback watched her go, before turning to an opening under a ledge, creating a cave.
"Silverstar...?" asked Greyback, slightly entering. "Come in." said a deep voice. Greyback entered, and sat in front of his leader. Silverstar was a long-haired
blue-silver female. She had a plain coat, but her personality wasn't plain at all. "We've defeated Mudclan. And we gained more hunting territory." said Greyback, as
he sat down, wrapping his tail neatly around his large paws. Silverstar smiled at him, as she sat up.
"That's amazing news." she said, getting to her paws as her big fluffy tail swished side to side. "Come, I want to discuss something with you." she said, as he
followed her out of the den. Silverstar nodded to some of the clan, as she exited the camp. "Where are we going...?" asked Greyback, as he followed behind. Silverstar
didn't answer, she just kept walking until they got to a small clearing. She sat down, as she looked up. Greyback sat down beside her.
"I've had a dream Greyback, a nightmare." she said, in a more serious tone. She looked from the stars to Greyback. "Is... something bad going to happen to our
clan?" he asked in a worried tone. Silverstar sighed, "Unfortunately, yes Greyback. Something horrible is coming. Something we've never had to go through. And it won't
just effect our clan, but all the clans. All of the forest as well."
Greyback swallowed, as his fur stood up a bit. "Is it something we can stop?" he asked, but Silverstar just looked from him to the stars. "No. It's not an enemy.
It's quiet, and we know when it hits, but it'll be soon." she said, staring up. "Can you explain the dream to me?" asked Greyback, leaning in a bit. "Yes. There was a
cat. It was fine, until it told me it began to feel... sick. The cat was acting strange, as blood came from his mouth and eyes. Even his ears. That cat had lost it,
and began to laugh evily. It even ate some of it's own kind..." Silverstar swallowed, as if she was going to puke.
Greyback put his tail on her back, trying to comfort her. "Then... there was another cat. With bright, blue eyes. Brighter than I'd ever seen. And then, it all
went black." She said, as she finnished. "Do you wish for me to tell the clan?" asked Greyback, with large amber eyes. Silverstar looked to him. "No. It will frighten
the clan, and they will tell the other clans at a gathering. We cannot risk that." She said, turning to him. "We cannot stop this Greyback. Because it's coming. And
it cannot be stopped."
She turned to the stars. "Firetail had a dream of it as well. He saw the cat with the bright blue eyes. He said it was a pure white cat with bright, blue eyes.
His dream had more, he said a black cat with yellow eyes, also helped the white cat." Greyback looked to the stars as well, as he licked his lips. "How could there be
a white cat in the clans? The cats who are white normally don't have complete white kits. And a black cat? Most black cats are in Hailclan. Do you think it will be
born into that clan?"
Silverstar thought for a moment. "I do not know quite yet. But Firepelt has told me, the other leaders have recieved this message. And he believes Starclan wants
me to go to four boulders. For he believes the other leaders will be there as well." Greyback nodded. "You sure this is a good idea Silverstar? I mean, You know as
well as I do that Ashstar doesn't believe in omens or prophecy's as well as the other clans."
Silverstar sighed. "Hailclan's leader will just have to trust Starclan this one time." Greyback nodded once again. Silverstar got to her paws. "I'll be leaving
tomorrow at sunhigh. I trust you will care for the clan while I'm gone." She said, looking to him. Greyback smiled slightly. "Of course. Did Starclan tell Firetail
anything else?" Greyback asked. "Don't they normally tell him some poem that no one understands?"
Silverstar looked up again. "Yes. White will shine through the night, and black will save the soul."

Chapter 1 White

A fire blazed, as tree's burned. Smoke polluted the air, and the yowls of cats could be heard. The crispy, burned body's of cats littered the land. What cats that
were able to survive, ran away. But in the nursery, lied a female cat. She was a white cat, and her pelt was dotted with oranges and browns. She curled herself around
her precious kits, in an attempt to save them from the flames. The kits mewed.
"Shh... it's alright my little one's. Your father will be back soon." She whispered to them, trying to silence them. The fire lapped at the trees, making them
crispy. Whithin moments, came a male cat. He was black with a white muzzle. "Ala, we have to leave now!" He hissed, as he grabbed the white kit. The female was Ala,
and she quickly grabbed the black kit. "This way Salt!" Yowled the female as she ran.
The two cats were running, until a tree fell in between them, separating them. They stopped for an instant, with wide eyes. But they had to go on, or the kits
would die. Unfortunately, Salt had been hit by the fire coming off the tree. It left a burn on his left back leg. It burned, and was heavily bleeding. The white kit in
his mouth mewed in fear, But Salt continued to run. He ran and ran. He didn't care if the fire wasn't behind him anymore. He just ran. His tail swayed behind him.
He turned his head to look behind him. The fire was no longer behind him.
Before he had a chance to turn to look forwards, hi ran into a tree. His head slammed against it with a large crunch. He fell to the ground dead. His head had a
large, bloody dent in it. It made his head look awkward. The white kit no longer felt the presence of its parent, and began to mew loudly. The kits white pelt was
speckled with the crimson blood from his father. He wriggled in the puddle in discomfert.
"Come now Iceclaw, you know I won that hunting contest! Don't be such a sore loser!" Boasted a brown she-cat. The brown she-cat had a darker brown stomach with
orange and black patches, along with a missing leg."For the last time Bramblepelt, 2 mice beats 1 rabbit!" Growled the cat known as Iceclaw. Iceclaw was a very
light grey with white ears. "Sure it does." Said Bramblepelt, as her tail swayed happily. Iceclaw raised her head to smell for more prey."Hey... do yousmell... blood?"
Said Iceclaw, turning her head to Bramblepelt with widened eyes.
Bramblepelt raised her head to smell. "Now that you mention it... I do." she said, as she tried to pinpoint where the scent was coming from. "It's coming from
this direction." She said as she dashed over to a bush. Bramblepelt looked to Iceclaw. "We don't know if the thing behind this bush is dangerous, so no sudden
movements!" said Bramblestar in a hush. Iceclaw nodded as the two warriors slowly peeked their heads out from behind the bush, only to see a white kit wriggling and
mewing. "Oh yea Bramblepelt... we'd better be on our guard! This kit might be dangerous!" joked Iceclaw.
Bramblepelt rolled her eyes. She then tilted her head in confusion. "She's covered in blood... yet I don't see any wounds." she said, as her ear twitched. "Um...
that over there explain it?" asked Iceclaw, as she motioned over to a dead cat. "By Starclan! What could possibly have happened?" demanded Bramblepelt. She went over
to the dead cat to smell it. She lowered her head and took a whiff. "I don't recognize this scent. It certainly doesn't smell like a clan cat." She said. Iceclaw
"And from the looks of it... there was a fire from wherever it was from. Maybe one of the clans caught fire, and that's why you can't recognize the scent?"
questioned Iceclaw. Bramblepelt shook her head. "I highly doubt that... he's only gotten one burn. The scent from his clan would still be present. We should get back
and report this. And if it was from another clan, we'll find out tomorrow at the gathering." She commanded.
"I suppose you're right. But... what about that kit?" said Iceclaw, as her tail swished. She walked back to the kit and licked it. "Let's take the kit back.
You know Silverstar, she'd eat our tails if she found out we left a kit." Said Bramblepelt as Iceclaw picked up the kit. The two cats began their way back to camp.
"I wonder what happened... and who was that cat..." asked Bramblepelt, as she swallowed. She didn't expect an answer from Iceclaw, for she had the kit in her mouth.
Once the two arrived to camp, Iceclaw set the kit down. "You go get Silverstar, I'll stay with the kit." said Iceclaw. Bramblepelt nodded before entering her leaders
den. "Silverstar? I need you to come to the middle of camp. It's important." said Bramblepelt.
Silverstar was lying down, but she got up and licked the back of her neck. "Yes, I'm coming Bramblepelt." She got to her paws as she exited the camp. When she saw
the cats of her clan gathering around in the middle, she began to get worried. Silverstar and Bramblepelt pushed their way through. Greyback was in the front of the
crowd as well. "Where did that kit come from? You didn't steal it from another clan, did you?" commanded Silverstar. "No! Of course not! We found her on our hunting
trip." Said Iceclaw.
A wave of relief went over Silverstar. But then, when she got closer look to the kit, her eyes widened. 'That kit has a pure white pelt... just like in my and
Firepelt's dream. Could this be the one that will save us from the darkness...?' she thought. "Silverstar, what are your commands?" asked Greyback, which snapped her
back into reality. "Sandears, you will be having kits in less than a moon, correct?" asked Silverstar. Sandears perked up a bit, then smiled. "Yes Silverstar.
Firepelt thinks that I will have them a few days after tomorrows gathering."
Silverstar nodded. "I want you to care for the kit like she was your own." Silverstar added with a slight smile. Sandears nodded. "Yes Silverstar. Do you wish for
me to name him?" she asked Silverstar looked to her, before walking away. "Yes, since you will be his adopted mother, you may pick the name. As you would pick a name
for a clan cat, I want you to put pride into his name. I'll give you until we get back from the gathering to think of a suitable name. Bramblepelt, Iceclaw, please
meet me in my den once you've had a meal. You've both done well today." Said Silverstar, and without another word, she walked back into her den.
Sandears picked up the kit and Greyback, her mate, followed her. They reached her nest in the nursery. Sandears put the kit in front of her, as she began to groom
the blood out of its pelt. "Why do you think this kit is covered in blood?" asked Greyback. Sandears stopped grooming him. "I suppose one of his parents died, and he
was close enough to get covered in their blood. Why do you ask?" asked Sandears, before looking to him. "I don't know... I guess I'm still shaken up from what
Silverstar had told me last night." He said.
He knew Sandears didn't know about what Silverstar had told him. "I see. Well... everything will work out. It always does. Why don't you go with Iceclaw and
Bramblepelt to see Silverstar? You could probably find out more then." She suggested. Greyback nodded. "Yes, I'll do that." He said, as he licked Sandears' head before
he exited the nursery. He saw Bramblepelt and Iceclaw finnish their meals as he headed towards the two cats. "Would it be alright if I went with you to see Silverstar?
I'd like to know what happened as well."
Iceclaw got to her paws. "Sure thing. Silverstar probably would've told you everything afterwords." she commented. "Are you coming Bramblepelt?" she asked.
Bramblepelt nodded once she finnished and followed to Silverstars den.

Chapter 2 Black

Ala continued to run quickly, with the kit in her mouth. Once she knew she was far enough from the fire, she stopped and set her kit down while she panted.
"That wasfar to close for comfort..." she said. Her eyes suddenly widened. "Oh no! Salt! We must've gotten separated! Oh, I hope he's alright." she said as she looked
down toher little kit. The black kit mewed loudly. "Shh... it's alright. I'm here." said Ala, as she licked the kits head. The kit soon hushed. Ala heard a twig snap.
When Ala looked forwards, she saw a tan colored cat with a brown face, paws, and tail.
Ala froze in fear. "Who are you, and where are you from!" commanded the other cat. Ala put her kit behind her. "My name is Ala, and this is my kit Ember.I come
from the shimmering rocks." she said. The other cat looked confused. "Shimmering rocks? So you're not a clan cat, are you?" asked the cat. Ala shook her head. "No...
I'm not. There wasa fire. Many of the cats I lived with were killed. And I got separated from my mate and my other kit. I do not even know if they are alive." Said
Ala, sadnees in hereyes.
The other cat looked to her, he felt pity for her. "My name is Brackenlegs, and I come from Hailclan. You two should follow me back to my clan. Hopefully Ashstar
will let you stay for the time being." he said. Ala's expression brightened a little. "Thankyou, Brackenlegs." said Ala as she picked up her kit. Brackenlegs led the
way back to his clan. Once he entered, the cats of Dustclan went quiet and stared at them. A grey cat with a smushed in muzzle walked closer to them. "Brackenlegs,
who's this?" Asked the cat.
Brackenlegs bowed his head slightly as his tail swished. "Ashstar... this cat says her name is Ala. She's not from any of the clans. She claims she was in a fire
and many lives were lost. She had gotten separated with her mate and her other kit." Said Brackenlegs. Ashstar looked at Ala, before walking closer to her. "I'm sorry
to hear about this. I'm Ashstar, leader of Dustclan." Said Ashstar, as she slightly bowed her head. Ala bowed her head as well. "It's an honor to meet you." Replied
Ala. Ashstar smiled. "You say you are not a clan cat, yet you respect a leader properly." Ala smiled back at her.
"It will be fine with me if you'd like to stay here with me and my clan. But, if you wish to live here, you and your kit must both accept warrior names."
commanded Ashstar. Ala nodded. "I'd be perfectly fine with that." Ashstar gave it some thought. "Ala, from now on you will be known as Speckletail. You shall pick the
name for your kit." Ashstar said. "I love my new name but... how do I name a kit? Does it matter what her name is or...?" asked Speckletail. Ashstar laughed a bit.
"I should've thought of that. Brackenlegs, I wish for you to teach Speckletail the ways of the clan. Until she's capable of hunting and understands the laws of being
a clan cat, I wish for you to mentor her." Said Ashstar.
Brackenlegs nodded. "It would be my pleasure Ashstar." He said as he bowed, then smiled to Speckletail. Speckletail smiled back. "I'll be in my den. If you need
anything or have any questions, please come see me." Said Ashstar as he headed into his den. Brackenlegs watched him go. "Alright, Let's take your kit to the nursery
to have a queen watch over her while I show you the camp and our territory." He said. Speckletail nodded. The two walked in. Speckletail looked around shyly.
Brackenlegs entered.
"This is our nursery. It's where the queens stay while they're pregnant, and with their kits. Queens are those who have kits, or who has already had kits. Kits
will stay with their mother for 6 moons, and then we'll train them to become warriors." Said Brackenlegs. Brackenlegs walked over to a she-cat who looked just like
him. She had two kits. One was tan with a brown face and tail, while the other was tan with a black face and paws. "This is my sister, Brownface." Said Brackenlegs.
"Hello Brownface, my name is Speckletail." Speckletail said as she bowed her head. "Hello Speckletail." said Brownface. "Brownface, would it be alright if you helped
Speckletail care for her kit?" asked Brackenlegs.
Brownface smiled. "Of course. Applekit and Hawkkit play well with other kits. Might I ask the name of your kit?" asked Brownface. "For now, her name's Ember. I
haven't yet thought of a name for her yet." Said Speckletail as she put down her kit. Brownface nodded. "Alright then." Said Brownface. "Well... we'll be off. I have
a lot of things to teach her." said Brackenlegs. Once they exited, Speckletail looked to him. "So... both of her kits have 'kit' at the end..." asked Speckletail.
"Oh yea... I didn't tell you that!" said Brackenlegs nervously. "Clan cats have two names. For example, Bracken and legs. Kits normally have one name, and kit. It
helps us identify their age and rank. Once they become apprentices, their names have 'paw' at the end. Then... they become warriors. It's up to the leader to
decide your second name. But the second one's permanent. Except if you become a leader, then your last name will be 'star'." Explained Brackenlegs.
"Oh... I see. I guess I have so much to learn." Giggled Speckletail. "Yes, you do." Replied Brackenlegs. The two made their way to another den. "This is where the
warriors will sleep. You and me will sleep in this den, along with other warriors. A warrior is a cat who will do the hunting, patrol the borders, and train
apprentices. Also, if it's needed, fight to protect the clan." Said Brackenleg. "I see... are there other clans?" Asked Speckletail. "Yes... but you will meet most of
them tomorrow at the gathering... I'll tell you more about it tomorrow." said Brackenlegs as he continued to walk to another den. This one was a bit smaller.
"This is the apprentice den. Once a kit is 6 moons old, they will sleep in here until they become warriors." Said Brackenleg as the two peeked their heads in.
Speckletail looked around. "How many apprentices do we have?" she asked. Brackenlegs thought a moment. "well, we have 3 right now. Spiderpaw, Splashpaw, and Jaypaw."
he said. Speckletail nodded again. "They're probably out with their mentors training right now. Training apprentices to become warriors is an extremely important
stage in a cats life." Said Brackenlegs. "I wonder how well Ember will do as an apprentice." Said Speckletail. "I'm sure she'll do fine. Come, I have more to show
you." said Brackenlegs as he turned to another den.
"Here's the elders den. Once a warrior becomes old enough, or has a life threatening wound, they'll spend the rest of their lives here. The clan cats will bring
them prey and help groom them. Elders get plenty of respect, for they've served their clan well. Kits will often come here to hear their stories, and often apprentices
will come here to get ticks out fot their pelts or feed them as punishment." Said Brackenlegs as he giggled. "Hello there Brackenlegs." said one of the elders.
Brackenlegs looked over to the elder. "Hello Cherryclaw." Said Brackenlegs as he bowed his head. "This is Cherryclaw, and she's my mother." Said Brackenlegs. "Hello
Cherryclaw, I'm Speckletail. It's nice to meet you." Said Speckletail as she bowed her head. "We'd love to stay and chat mom, but it's getting late and I have to show
her the rest of the dens before it gets dark." Said Brackenlegs as he licked her head. The two cats exited as they headed to another den.
Speckletail stopped and looked at a pile of dead animals. "What's this?" She asked, sniffing it. "That's the fresh kill pile. When apprentices or warriors get
finnished hunting, they'll put their caught here so that cats may eat whenever they're hungry." Said Brackenlegs. "We'll get some fresh kill once I've shown you around
the camp, then we can head to bed." He said. "Fine with me." Said Speckletail, as she followed him to another den. There was a cat in the corner of the den sorting
some herbs. There were a couple of nests in there as well.
"This is our medicine cat den. Whenever a cat is sick or injured, they will come here. Depending on how bad the injury is, they may need to stay the night. And
this is our medicine cat, Berrypelt." said Brackenlegs. Berrypelt was a cat who didn't have any fur, and she had wrinkles. "Hello, I'm Berrypelt, the clans medicine
cat." She said. "I'm Speckletail, and I'm a bit new here." Said Speckletail. Berrypelt nodded. "Medicine cats can take on one apprentice to train to become the future
medicine cat." Said Brackenlegs. "We'll see you later Berrypelt, I've still got to show her the leaders den." Said Brackenlegs. Berrypelt nodded as she went back to
sorting herbs.
The two cats made their way to a den. This den was tall, and had some rocks so you could climb to the top of it. "This is the leaders den, and it's also the
highrock. When there's a clan meeting, we meet here." He said. Speckletail studied it. "Now, let's go get something to eat, then we can go rest."

Chapter 3 Story Time

Iceclaw entered Silverstar's den first. Greyback and Bramblepelt followed. Silverstar was sitting in the center of her den with her tail neatly wrapped around her
paws. "What's Greyback doing here?" questioned Silverstar. "We thought it would be best if he came. You normally tell your deputy anything, right? This way, the whole
story will only have to be told once." said Bramblepelt, as she sat down. "I see." said Silverstar.
"Greyback, I want you to get Firetail for me." Commanded Silverstar. Greyback nodded as he left the den. 'What's going on? And why does Silverstar need Firetail?
Something strange is going on...' thought Bramblepelt. Greyback came back with Firetail. Firetail was an orange tabby, with a thick tail. Firetail sat down next to
Bramblepelt. "You wished to speak with me?" asked Firetail. Silverstar nodded. "Do you remember that dream you and I had? About the white and black cats?" asked
Silverstar. Firetail stayed silent for a moment. "Yes, I do." He replied.
"Just recently, Bramblepelt and Iceclaw brought in a kit with a white pelt." Said Silverstar. Firetail's eyes slightly widend."You did? Was there a black kit with
it?" Asked Firetail as he looked to Bramblepelt and Iceclaw. "A black kit? What? Silverstar... what's going on?" asked Icecloud, looking to her. Silverstar sighed.
"Not long ago, Firetail and I both had a dream... a nightmare." said Silverstar, recalling the events in the dream. Firetail nodded. "It had two cats, one with a
white pelt, and another with a black pelt. I know you might think these two are the ones... but could this just be a coincidence? They said there was no trace of
another cat, let alone a black cat, being around." Said Firetail.
Silverstar nodded, "Yes, it could be. But we don't have many options here. Maybe the black cat will come in the future, or maybe to another clan." said
Silverstar. Firetail nodded. "Alright... I'm still confused here." said Bramblepelt. "Yea, why's everyone but us know what's going on?" asked Iceclaw. Greyclaw nudged
Iceclaw, telling her to hush. "Anyways... in the dream there was a horrible sickness or something. Those two cats somehow stopped the sickness from killing everyone
that it hadn't already killed." said Firetail. Bramblepelt and Iceclaw looked to one another. "That's impossible. Even greencough couldn't do something like that!"
stated Greyback, tail swishing.
Silverstar sighed as he did so. "Yes. I know Greyback. But anything could happen." said Silverstar. "If I may hop into our little discussion... what's Starclan's
reason for this? Isn't there always a reason for wanting to kill us all?" asked Bramblepelt. "Yea... like when Starclan drowned the forest 9 years ago because they
felt there were to many cats with bad blood." said Iceclaw. Bramblepelt looked to Iceclaw and nodded. "Well what do you suppose the reason is? Some things Starclan
can't even control. And I don't think Starclan would kill us by sickness." Said Firetail. "That wouldn't surprise me if it happened. Starclan can be cruel soemtimes
and we all know it by now." Said Greyback.
"That's enough. All of you. Bramblepelt, Iceclaw, where did you find the kit?" questioned Silverstar. "Well... when we were on our patrol... we both smelled
blood. We followed the scent until we saw where it came from. There was a large black and white tom who had slammed first into a tree. From the smell of him, we
guessed he had just escaped a fire or something." said Iceclaw. "Yea, and the kit was lying next to him. After that, we came backto camp." replied Bramblepelt.
Firetail looked to Silverstar as he processed all of the events into his brain, then he looked outside. "Look... it's late. We're all tired and cranky. Why don't we
continue this conversation when we know more." offered Firetail, getting to his paws.
Silverstar looked outside at the night sky, then nodded. "I agree. Bramblepelt, Iceclaw, I don't want either one of you to tell anyone about anything we just
discussed tonight. Understood?" asked Silverstar, looking at the two. "Don't worry Silverstar, no one will even know this conversation existed!" said Icecloud.
"Silverstar? Me and Iceclaw were suppose to go on a patrol again one we had finished eating. Do you want us both to still go?" asked Bramblepelt. Silverstar nodded.
"Yes, take Greyback with you as well." said Silverstar as she curled up in the back of her den to sleep.
Greyback nodded, then he looked to Firetail. "I'll see you tomorrow, friend." said Greyback as he nudged him slightly. Firetail nodded as he left the den.
The three cats all made their way out of the den. Bramblepelt trotted in front as they made their way out of the camp. "That was all... kind of wierd." Said Iceclaw,
as she caught up with Bramblepelt. Bramblepelt nodded in agreement. "Yea... it's kind of hard to process all of it." she said. "Look... I know it's hard for the both
of you to understand this... but it is true. Just be sure you don't tell anyone." said Greyback as he continued to walk, facing forwards. "How can you say that? One of
the first things they teach you is to trust your clan mates! We're not being very trustworthy right now! The clan deserves to know!" demanded Bramblepelt.
Greyback sighed, as his ears were pinned to the back of his head. "Yes, I know. But if we told the clan, they would get frightened and might lose hope. We're not
even sure if that's the right kit! Especially since there was no black kit with it!" said Greyback. He lifted his ears, and stopped. "Leaders and many other cats have
kept secrets from the rest of their clans many times. Sometimes, it's best for the clan. Other times it isn't. You may not be able to completely trust someone, but you
can at least trust their judgement, and hope everything will be fine. And if it goes wrong, we can only hope it can be fixed." said Greyback, looking at the two cats.
Iceclaw sighed deeply as she looked at him.
"Even so... it feels wrong not to tell the others about this." she said. "I know Iceclaw... do you remember that elder story about the cat known as Hollyleaf? She
was the daughter of Leafpool of Thunderclan and Crowfeather of Windclan. She and her two brothers, Lionblaze and Jayfeather, were raised to believe that Squirrelflight
and Bramblestar were their parents." began Greyback. "Oh yea, that's right. Leafpool had to give up her kits because she was a medicine cat, and Crowfeather was from
another clan. So her sister took them in for her." said Bramblepelt as Iceclaw nodded. "Yea, but then Jayfeather found out the truth, and told his siblings. Hollyleaf
had a come apart and shared everything at a gathering. It not only sadened Leafpool, but Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, her brothers, and some even say Crowfeather."
said Greyback. "Something like that could happen as well." he finnished. "So... does anyone besides us know about this?" she asked. "No. And let's keep it that way."

Chapter 4 The Horrible Truth

Brackenlegs slowly began to open his eyes. He fluttered his lids before he raised his head up and yawned as the tip of his tail slowly swished. He looked to his
side and saw Speckletail was still asleep. He smiled, and got to his feet slowly, not wanting to wake her. His tail brushed against the ground as he exited the
warriors den. He sat outside as he licked his paw and rubbed it on the right side of his face several times before he looked up. The sun had just began to rose, and
he was ordered to take Speckletail, Snakefang, and Spiderpaw were to take the morning patrol soon as the sun was fully up.
He figured he'd wake the others so that they would be able to get a good meal before they left. He headed back to the warriors den and nudged Speckletail. She
opened her eyes lazily and blinked once. She slowly sat up, yawning. "Morning... what's up?" she asked tiredly, as she slowly groomed herself. "Ashstar thought it
would be a good idea if I took you and a few others on the morning patrol soon as the sun rises. I figured you'd be better off if you ate. I'll go wake the others."
said Brackenlegs, as he turned to Snakefang.
Snakefang was a dark brown cat with even darker ears and one white paw. He got his name because of his two front fangs that stick out. Brackenlegs put a paw on
his shoulder and Snakefang immediately opened his eyes. He looked to Brackenlegs. "Let me guess, Ashstar stuck us with the morning patrol?" grumbled Snakefang as he
sat up. "Oh, come on Snakefang. It can't be that bad. Besides, we get first dibs on breakfast." said Brackenlegs. Snakefang smiled. "Yea, I guess that's true." he said
as he got to his paws. "Speckletail will be joining us. This'll also be a good time for you two to get to know one another." said Brackenlegs as Speckletail joined
"I'm Speckletail, nice to meet you." she said, looking at him with a nervous smile. "Snakefang." said Snakefang, as he turned to her. "Nice to meet you to." he
said as he began walking out. "I'll get Spiderpaw." he said as he trotted to the apprentice den. Brackenlegs looked to Speckletail. "Come on, let's grab something to
eat." he said as he exited as well. Speckletail followed him out, then stopped. "I'm going to check on Darkkit." she said. Brackenlegs smiled. "That's a nice name for
him. Anyways, I'll see you over there." He said as he made his way to the fresh kill pile.
Speckletail smiled as she watched him go. She turned and headed to the nursery and poked her head in. Brownface was cleaning one of her kits while Darkkit rested.
Brownface looked up mid-lick, and saw Speckletail. "Goodmorning Speckletail." she said as she finished the lick. Speckletail smiled. "Morning Brownface. How've the
kits been?" she asked, as she sat down next to Brownface and gave her kit a loving lick. "They've been fine, they wouldn't stop squirming last night though." said
Brownface, as a chuckle escaped her lips. "That's Darkkit for you, he wouldn't go to sleep unless you sang to him, that or he'd pass out." said Speckletail.
"Darkkit?" asked Brownface. "I've decided that should be his new name. It suits his pelt, doesn't it?" she asked. Brownface nodded. "Hawkkit and Applekit have
both taken quite the liking to Darkkit. They're already acting like siblings." smiled Brownface. Speckletail smiled. "Then I guess I know who Darkkit's friends will
be." she said. Speckletail got to her paws. "Well, I've gotten to go. I have a morning patrol to go on." she said. Brownface nodded. "Have a safe one." she said as
Speckletail licked Darkkit once more, then headed out. When she made her way to the fresh kill pile, she noticed a smaller cat with them. The smaller cat was a dark
grey cat with even darker stripes coming off him. Whithin those darker stripes, were even darker stripes. It was a complicated pelt, and the stripes sort of reminded
her of the complicatedness of a spider web. She supposed that was why his name was Spiderpaw.
"I'm back." she said, as she sat next to them. Brackenlegs placed a plump vole in front of her. "This is Spiderpaw, Snakefang's apprentice. He'll be joining us on
our patrol." said Brackenlegs as Speckletail took a bite out of the vole, then nodded. "I'm Spiderpaw." said the kit. Speckletail swallowed the bite, then licked her
lips. "Nice to meet you, I'm Speckletail." she said with a smile. Spiderpaw smiled nervously as he put his ears back slightly. He took a bite out of the bird he had.
Snakefang looked to Brackenlegs. "We need to hurry, the clan's already beginning to stir. Croweye won't be happy if he sees us still here." he said with a slight
"Croweye?" asked Speckletail as she finished her vole. "Croweye's our deputy, and my father." said Spiderpaw, looking to Speckletail. "The deputy is second in
command in a clan. When the leader dies, he takes the place and chooses a new deputy." explained Spiderpaw as he took his last bite. Speckletail nodded. Brackenlegs
got to his paws. "Well, then let's get a move on if we're all done." he said. The others got to their paws as well. Speckletail began to walk as she noticed more and
more cats exiting their dens. She smiled as she followed the others.
It was a quiet walk, until Brackenlegs spoke up. "Alright Speckletail, when on patrol, you must be sure to smell, and notice your surroundings. Smell for any
scents that are from trespassing cats, or other animals that could harm the clan. Like a dog or a bear." he said, turning his head to look at her. Speckletail nodded.
"And if you see a cat on our territory, you chase them out and report back to Croweye so that it can be dealt with. He'll normally tell Ashstar and Ashstar will bring
it up during a gathering if it's the scent of a cat from another clan. If it's a rogue or a loner, he'll just warn the other clans." said Snakefang. "Also, sometimes
the trespassing cat can be violent, so that's why you should never leave the clan without at least one other cat." added Spiderpaw. "I see." said Speckletail.
The cats continued to walk, until Brackenlegs stopped. "This is the border between our clan, and Dustclan." said Brackenlegs, looking to Speckletail. "Normally,
there are 4 clans per forest. Unfortunately, Treeclan was chased out by an entire clan of rogues about 9 moons ago. No one's seen them since. The clans defeated the
rogues though." said Brackenlegs. "That's horrible... did anyone go to search for them?" asked Speckletail anxiously. "No. There was nothing we could've done. Who
knows how far they made it, or which direction they went in. It would take moons, maybe even years to figure out which way." he said, looking to the empty territory
with greif in his eyes.
"Then how come your clan or the other ones haven't separated the land to gain more hunting grounds?" asked Speckletail. Brackenlegs sighed, "We thought about it
at first during a gathering, but everyone thought it would be best just to leave the land be, in case Treeclan had ever made it back. They still think that some of the
rogues lived, and roamed their territory." he said, staring into the territory. Speckletail slightly shivered. "It's just a story queens tell kits to go to bed early.
We all know that's impossible anybody survived." said Snakefang, a slight growl escaping his lips. Spiderpaw nodded. "Yea, my mom used to tell me that story all the
time." he said.
"Oh, and Speckletail," began Brackenlegs "You need to know where our boarders are so you can mark them. It's against code to cross other clans' territory's."
finished Brackenlegs. Speckletail nodded again. "Come on, we should get going." said Snakefang as he turned to walk. As they all walked, Spiderpaw turned his head
around to look back at Treeclan camp, his eyes showed complete sadness, as he could no longer smell any scent coming from another cat in that camp. "You coming
Spiderpaw?" called Snakefang. Spiderpaw snapped out of his trance and quickly came. "Yes Snakefang!"
After walking a bit, Brackenlegs stopped. "This is our border between us and Hailclan." he said. "Hailclan cats are strong, and tough. Their clan was named after
a cat named Hail who saved them from poverty, many many moons ago." said Brackenlegs. "He must've been very wise." said Speckletail. Brackenlegs nodded. "The Hailclan
leader died less than a moon ago from an infected snake bite. Their new leader is Adderstar. He's a pretty clever cat." said Snakefang. "Helped his clan escape a flood
4 moons ago, didn't loose a single cat." he said, as he looked into the camp blinking. "Wow..." whispered Speckletail.
"I've met him before, he's a really good leader, just like Snakefang says." says Spiderpaw. The cats stared into the camp once more, before they began walking
again. After walking a bit, Brackenlegs stopped and raised his head to sniff the air. "We're near Rainclan, and I smell blood." he said. Snakefang raised his head as
well. "I smell it to. Come on, something might be wrong." he hissed as he trotted closer. "Snakefang wait!" called Brackenlegs as he got in front of Snakefang. "We
can't just barge into their clan territory like that!" he said. Snakefang lifted an eyebrow. "And why not? What if something's wrong?" he questioned. "I'll go." said
"No way." said Brackenlegs. "I'll be back over as soon as possible. Besides, my scent doesn't smell that much like Dustclan yet. They'll think I was a rogue who
passed through the territory, then left." she said. Spiderpaw looked to Snakefang and Brackenlegs. Brackenlegs sighed. "Fine, but hurry back!" he growled. Speckletail
nodded as she stopped in front of the border, then placed one paw after the other. She crept through the tall grass and slowly made her way to where the scent came
from. Once she got to a clearing where the scent was strongest, she was horrified.
Her eyes widened, and she froze, unable to move. She slowly exited the tall grass as she felt her legs and paws go numb. Her ears were flat back onto her head as
she looked down at the dead body. The dead cat had a large dent in its head. Its skull was completely ruined, and bits of the brain had been completelu smushed. The
entire head was a bloody mess. "Salt..." she whispered. Or maybe she thought it, she didn't know. She slowly walked closer to it, with no sign of her kit anywhere.
She stared at the body, then she licked his head desperately. "Salt... you can't be... this is a nightmare... I know it is!" she whispered, feeling grief.
She slowly backed up from the body of her old mate, and turned around. When she exited, Brackenlegs lifted his head. "Well? What was it?" he asked. Speckletail
thought for a moment. She didn't want them to know what she really saw. "It was a dead turtle." she said, turning back. "I should've known..." grumbled Snakefang.
"Come on, we should head back." said Brackenlegs. Speckletail turned around once more, and whispered she was sorry to herself, before following the other cats.

Chapter 5 How Things Were

Greyback was grooming himself as he prepared for the gathering. The sun was just beginning to set, and the full moon could be seen. Once he had finished grooming,
he looked over to the nursery and trotted over. He entered the den as his tail swished. His mate Sandears was unable to go to the gathering, for she was only days
away from giving birth. He smiled when he saw her. She was curled up with the white kit in between her paws. She was grooming him with her tongue. "Have you thought of
a name for him yet?" asked Greyback. Sandears didn't react to him, he guessed she knew he was there all along. "Yes, I have." she said while she continued to groom
"His name will be Snowkit." she said, a proud smile on her face as she stared down at her adopted kit. Grayback smiled as well, looking down at the kit. He looked
outside as he began to see the sun setting. "I have to get ready, I'm going to talk to Silverstar, Firetail, Bramblepelt, and Iceclaw before we leave. Silverstar
suggested we all eat a meal together." he said. Sandears nodded, understanding it was about Snowkit. "Greyback... is there something you're not telling me about
Snowkit?" she question, her expression hadn't changed. Greyback was a bit shocked by the question as his tail flicked. "No." he lied. He hated to lie to Sandears, but
he knew he had to.
Sandears nodded. "Well, good luck." she said as Greyback gave her a comforting lick on the forehead. As he headed back, he could've sworn he'd seen a flash of
sorrow in his mates face. He shook the feeling as he trotted over to the fresh kill pile, grabbing a plump mouse in his jaws. He was heading towards Silverstar's den.
He could hear cats getting ready for the gathering, chatting, and grooming one another. His ear twitched as he heard the apprentices that were going brag to the
others. He slightly smirked, remembering his first time going to a gathering.
"Did you guys hear?" squeaked a grey cat to a brown she-cat and a sandy-colored she-cat. "What is it Greypaw?" questioned the brown she-cat. "I'm going on my
first gathering tonight!" said Greypaw as he stood up straighter, tail raised high. "Aww! Your so lucky! Me and Bramblepaw don't get to go." moaned the sandy cat.
Greypaw smiled. "Don't worry Sandpaw, you and Bramblepaw will get to go sometime! Maybe we'll all get to go to the next one together!" said Greypaw. "Yea! That would
be so cool!" cheered Bramblepaw. "We'd all get to hear about battle stories and stuff! I heard a dog creeped into Hailclan and killed half of their clan!" said Sandpaw
looking at the two. "Wow! That sounds so cool!" cheered Greypaw as he leaped at the other two apprentices and payed around.
Greyback sighed as he thought about the memory. He wished he knew how devestating it was to have a dog attack a clan back then. He and the others were so naiive
at that age, they didn't even understand true hardships. But Starclan did they know them now. He wondered if the other apprentices were talking about things like that.
He was so eager to become a warrior, but now he wished he could take the ones he loved and run to a place where there was no danger. Of course, he knew that was
impossible, and he mentally kicked himself for having such thoughts. Before he knew it, he made it to Silverstar's den. When he entered, the others had already began
to eat and talk.
Greyback sat inbetween Silverstar and Firetail. He set his mouse down and began to chew it. "There you are Greyback." said Silverstar as she swallowed a bite.
"We were just talking about what I expect at the gathering." she said. Bramblepelt looked to Icecloud. "Silverstar wants all of us not to bring this up to any other
cats, not even if they're our companions. We don't need them to get suspicious, and let's keep the kit to ourselves as well." said Firetail as he finnished his meal.
Greyback looked to him. "Not even the other medicine cats? And what if one of the other clans brings it up? Do we deny everything?" questions Bramblepelt.
Greyback then turned his head to Bramblepelt. It got quiet for a moment. "I don't know what's telling me this... but something internal says that no one else will
bother to bring it up. Even if they did, it might be for the best to keep the fact that we might have found the white kit to ourselves. We all know how good cats can
turn wicked, and I wouldn't want him to be stolen. For all we know, the cat that causes the danger might be at the gathering." said Silverstar as the others looked to
one another, nodding in approval.
"We can't just lie forever!" blurted Iceclaw, he eyes slightly widened. "They'll find out sooner or later Silverstar! And the other clans wouldn't be to happy
that we kept something from them at a gathering! I don't think Starclan would be either!" she said, her tail flicking. Silverstar sighed deeply. "Yes, I understand
you might have some worry about all of this Iceclaw, but you have to trust us. I know it doesn't seem like this is a good idea, but what else do we have to go on? With
the way things have been lately, I wouldn't doubt it if cats could fly soon!" said Silverstar, Iceclaw looked away.
Bramblepelt licked Iceclaw's shoulder soothingly, as Iceclaw turned to Bramblepelt and smiled. "Do you guys remember how it used to be?" said Greyback out of the
blue. Silverstar looked to him in confusion. "Greyback? What do you mean?" she asked. Greyback was staring at the ground as he blinked. "When we were apprentices...
we were so excited to have the lives of a warrior, to fight, to hunt, patrol." he began. "But now... it's just so hard. Omens and prophecy's used to be about a cat who
had betrayed their clan and killed many, only to be stopped in the future. Now we are supposed to put the lives of our loved ones in the paws of a kit that might not
even be the right one!" said Greyback.
Silverstar stared at him, quite shocked by all of this. "I agree." said Firetail. "Things used to be easier. I can't be the only one who's noticed but..." he
looked outside, worry in his eyes. "There's less prey then what there was. And it's getting colder earlier. Something's definately wrong my friends, and I fear that
this storm is only beginning." he said as he stared outside. It was true, things were going downhill. Iceclaw looked outside as she saw a few brown leaves on the trees
already. Greyback didn't say anything, but he continued to stare at his half-eaten prey. They all stayed quiet for a moment, as if waiting for someone to speak up.
"I agree Firetail. I've been pondering on all of this a lot lately. I've decided to go to the moon stone in 5 days. I want all of you to travel with me." said
Silverstar. Firetail looked shocked. "Silverstar, I'm the medicine cat! I can't just leave the clan!" he said, his tail bushed out. Silverstar nodded. "I'm sure your
apprentice Jaggedpaw can handle things by himself for one day. Firetail, Jaggedpaw's been training extremely hard to become a medicine cat. This trip might just
prove he's ready to accept his responsibility's." said Silverstar, as she still faved outside.
Firetail nodded. "Who would be in charge with Greyback gone?" questioned Iceclaw. "I will put Swallowpelt in charge. I always knew she would be deputy if
Greyback had ever lost a life, or if I had happended to die earlier. She can hold things down while we are gone." said Silverstar. The others nodded. The quiet between
the cats was peaceful, almost as if they had nothing to say. They stayed like that until Silverstar stood to her paws. "Come, we should head to four stones." she said
as she exited the den to go to the highrock to tell the others. Her silver pelt glistened in the moonlight as she climbed. "Cat's of Rainclan." she yowled, as all of
chattering immediately stopped. "The moon is full, and it is that time. We will be heading to four stones now. Please finnish any prey or grooming before we leave.
Mentors who's apprentices are coming, please explain to them how to behave during a gathering." she ordered.
Silverstar got down from the rock as she gathered near the edge of camp. More and more cats gathered. Once everyone was ready, they began their journey.

Chapter 6 Questions

Ashstar had called Speckletail and Brackenlegs into his den. The two cats were sitting patiently as they waited for their leader to speak. "Brackenlegs,
Speckletail," he began. "I don't want either of you to bring up Darkkit at the gathering tonight. I will make an announcement about you joining the clan, but Darkkit
will not be mentioned." He commanded. Speckletail looked to Brackenlegs confused. "But Ashstar, isn't it a good thing when a clan takes in a new kit?" questioned
Brackenlegs. Ashstar shot him a glare for questioning him. "Yes, it is. But Berrypelt and I have discussed something, I think it's something you both should hear." he
said, looking at the two.
Speckletail nodded slightly. "I will explain everything once we get back from the gathering. I want Brownface to join us, since she is the temporary mother to
Darkkit." commanded Ashstar. "I still don't understand Ashstar. Is this a omen or a prophecy?" said Brackenlegs, he was now confused, and worried something was
wrong with his friends kit. "I'm not sure what it is Brackenlegs." confessed Ashstar. "But we can only hope, that it was fake." he said, looking outside. Brackenlegs
turned his head outside, and his facial expression quickly showed worry as he noticed dead, brown leaves on the ground. "Leaves are falling already? But didn't
green-leaf start not to long ago?" he asked, worry taking over him.
Ashstar nodded. Speckletail was staring outside as well. "Where I used to live, we came across many, as you call them, kittypets." she began. "They would say that
their humans were always worrying about things, but not the right things. Like the weather. One cat came and said there is this far away place, covered in ice known as
the north pole." she said as she wrapped her tail around her paws. "She told me it was once a grand, beautiful snow plain. But now, because of how things have changed,
it began to melt. It's now half the size it once was." she said, worry in her eyes. Brackenlegs looked to her. "If that could happen there... then think what could
happen here!" he shrieked.
"That's enough you to!" growled Ashstar, he then sighed. "Look, we can talk more about this after the gathering. But right now we need to all get ready. I want
both of you to eat a good meal before you head off." he commanded. "Ashstar?" asked Brackenlegs as Speckletail trotted off. Ashstar looked to him. "Would... would it
be alright is Snakefang and Spiderpaw joined us?" asked Brackenlegs skittishly. Ashstar and the entire clan knew that Snakefang and Brackenlegs were inseparable since
birth. It didn't make it any easier with the fact they were cousins, and Spiderpaw was his nephew. Ashstar knew that question would be coming, so he sighed in defeat.
"Yes, they may also join us." he said.
Brackenlegs expression brightened. "Thank you Ashstar!" he said, before running out of the den to join everyone to eat. They had deicide to eat in the nursery,
since Brackenlegs thought it would be best to explain everything to them there so that Brownface could join them. Snakefang, Spiderpaw, Brownface, Speckletail,
Berrypelt, and Brackenlegs all sat in a near circle shape. "Ashstar informed me and Speckletail that we are not to bring up Darkkit at the gathering." said Brackenlegs
as Speckletail nodded. Brownface felt anger rise in her. "What? Why not! Is he not proud of how well Darkkit is doing?!?" she question angrily.
"He is. But... he said that he and Berrypelt know something." said Speckletail, as she looked to Berypelt. Berrypelt had just swallowed a bite out of a bird.
"Yes, we do. Ashstar and I decided it would be best if we all went to the gathering, not saying anything. Once we get back, me and Ashstar will explain best we can."
he explained. "So is something wrong with Darkkit?" questioned Spiderpaw, worry in his eyes. Berrypelt shook his head. "No. It's nothing like that." He said.
Snakefang swallowed a mouthfull of prey as he looked to Brackenlegs. "Let me guess, me and Spiderpaw are going to be in on this to, huh?" he asked. Brackenlegs
smiled and nodded. "Of course. I wouldn't be telling you this if you weren't." he said. His smile soon faded. "Ashstar said he had also noticed something else." he
said, looking outside. "It's getting colder quicker than it normally does. And just look at the trees, brown leaves are already falling! And it doesn't look like it's
because bare-leaf is on the way! It looks like it's because the trees are dying!" he said.
Brownface looked outside as her tail twitched. "I've been noticing that to." she confessed. Berrynose looked outside, and nodded in agreement. "What do you think
Starclan's trying to tell us?" asked Spiderpaw, his voice showing a hint of fear. Snakefang nudged him caringly, trying to soothe him. "For all we know, Starclan
could be telling us we need to leave." mumbled Brownface. The other cats looked at her shocked. "You can't be serious Brownface! This is our home!" said Brackenlegs.
Brownface looked to him. "Then what else could it mean?" she questioned him. Brackenlegs opened his mouth as if to say something, but just closed it again. He sighed.
"I know it's tough right now, but we'll pull through. We always do." he said. Just then. Ashstar had leaped to the highrock, instructing his clan to prepare to leave.

Chapter 7 The beginning of the nightmare

Silverstar walked forwards as the moon made her coat shine. Her silvery coat stood out in the black night. Her ear twitched as she listened to be sure there was
no danger near. She hated having to lie to the other clans, but she also knew she had to for the sake of her clan. She only prayed that Starclan wouldn't punish her
for her choice later. Silverstar wondered if any other leaders ever felt like this. Sad, Alone, Confused, and even though she wouldn't admit it, scared. She then
shook that thought out of her head, as she knew every leader had gone through this. She knew one cat known by Bluestar who had given up her kits to her mates clan
so that she could become deputy so that another cat wouldn't.
She didn't understand how a cat could do that, but she knew it was for the better of her clan. That time was around when one of the most sacred prophecy's were
told. 'Fire Alone Can Save the Clan'. Almost every cat had that prophecy memorized. For that was a time when things were much simpler. Or maybe they weren't. So many
things happened during that time, and every story is told differently. So no one really knew how that entire ordeal played out. As Silverstar continued to walk, she
noticed Grayback looked tense. She expected that. It's not everyday you get to lie at every clan, including Starclan. She sighed deeply.
Silverstar often liked the walk to and from gatherings. It gave her time to think about what she's going to say, or to reflect on what was said. Either way, she
didn't think she had much to report since the only major thing that happened besides the kit was the battle with Mudclan. She supposed she would bring it up and
question Mudclan's leader about it. The entire thing would still make her blood boil every now and then. She still didn't understand why Moonstar thought it was a
smart idea to attack her clan. Mudclan had more hunting territory than any clan!
Silverstar looked up, surprised to see a few brown leaves on the trees, and even a few on the ground as they crunched beneath her paws. She looked back forwards
and slightly held her tail off the ground. She figured the change in the weather would be another good topic to bring up. She suspected the other clans had also
noticed it to, or so she hoped. Besides that, there wasn't much else she thought about discussing. Silverstar stopped at a fallen log that stretched over to the other
side of the land. On every side of the territory, there was a fallen log. It was once said that a great earth shake caused four stones to rise up, closer to starclan
and above most trees, so once they climbed over the log, they had to climb up.
Silverstar looked back at her clan, and stood beside the log as her tail twitched to summon the first cat to come. She always made her clan come one by one in
case the log were to give in under their weight. She watched all of her warriors make their way across the log, then she herself slowly made her way across it. Once
she was across, she looked up at the sky. There was a single grey cloud, and that worried her. There weren't normally clouds out on the night of a gathering, unless
Starclan was angered. She quickly shook the feeling as she leaped up another rock. Her ears were forewords and her nose was taking in the scents of the other clans.
She smelled Hailclan and Mudclan. Everytime she came, she still expected to scent Treeclan even though she knew she never would. It always felt different, even
though they had been gone for such a long time. The gathering right after Treeclan disappeared, a large crack went completely through the stone where their leader
would sit. Silverstar expected that was Starclan's way of saying they would never come back. Sure, it was hard to accept, but she had to. Treeclan cats weren't very
violent either, so they rarely got involved in battles. But if they were truly desperately needed, they would come and attempt to stop the battle from even happening.
She admired Treeclan's leader for being able to do such things. One time Mudclan demanded a large portion of their hunting territory, but their leader decided
they could instead share the territory for one entire moon cycle. Mudclan's leader was surprised to hear a small compromise, but accepted. Cedarstar was the wisest of
all the leaders. And everyone knew it. Whenever a clan was low on prey or experiencing a drought, they would come to him. Of course he'd always help them. He even let
rogues and loners into his clan once he knew he could trust them.
Before Silverstar could finnish thinking, she made it to the top. She saw Moonstar and Ashstar sitting on their stones patiently waiting. Silverstar slowly made
her way to the top of her stone. She glanced at the empty fourth stone with a crack in it, then sighed. Once she reached the top, she greeted both of the leaders.
"Hello." she said, as she bowed her head. The other two leaders did the same. Once the leaders finnished saying their hello's, they looked down to the other cats of
the clans, and waited for them to quiet down. Once they did, everyone looked forwards.
Ashstar got to his paws, and walked forwards a bit. "Hailclan has taken in an outsider." his voice boomed. Other cats turned their heads towards Speckletail. "She
was a rogue who had survived a fire, and lost her mate in the fire. Her name was Ala, but she has taken on the warrior name Speckletail." he said. The cats stared at
her for one more moment, before turning forwards. Silverstar was quite shocked, especially since Ashstar hardley ever takes in outsiders. "We have 3 apprentices in
training, and Brownface has just given birth to a litter of 3." he said. Silverstar noticed Brackenlegs look confused.
Silverstar knew the day she met them, they were related. They looked exactly alike. Brackenlegs' expression went back to normal, as he nodded his head. Why had he
looked so confused before? wondered Silverstar. She turned back to Ashstar. "That's all Hailclan has to report." he said, as he turned and sat back in his spot.
Moonstar stood next. "In Mudclan, we have lost 5 warriors due to a bear." said Moonstar. Other cats gasped and whispered to others. Silverstar looked at a few Mudclan
cats, and saw sorrow in their eyes. She felt bad for them, for no one wants to lose a loved one.
"The bear has taken a large amount of our hunting territory, giving us only the mossy boulders to hunt at." she said, glancing at Silverstar. "My clan had
attacked Rainclan, but I hope you realise why." she said, a slight growl escaping her lips. Silverstar growled back, as she bit her tongue, knowing it wasn't her place
to speak. Moonstar looked forwards again. "Runningwater and Cinderfur have both given birth recently. Runningwater has had 2 males, why Cinderfur had 3 females, and 2
males." she said. The expressions of cats brightened a bit.
"As of now, we have 4 apprentices in training. Unfortunately, Brownpaw has completely lost hearing in his right ear, which has slowed down his training." she
added, letting cats take it in. Mudclan had been going through a lot at the moment, and Silverstar could just look at Moonstar and tell she was exhausted. "That's all
for Mudclan." she said, taking her seat. Silverstar stood, and made her way to the front, looking down at the cats. "As Moonstar said, we had a battle with Mudclan. We
won the battle, and Mudclan retreated." she said, not looking at Moonstar. She could've sworn she heard her hiss quietly.
"Greyback, the deputys mate Sandears is expecting kits any day now." she said, as other cats congradulated her deputy. "Everything said tonight has been
important, but what I'm about to say, may be more important." she said, silencing the cats. "I'm unaware if any other clans have noticed, but it's getting colder
faster than it usually is. And leaves are already falling." she looked around, noticing worried expressions of cats. "My clan has noticed this, and we now know that
the leaves are not dying because it's cold, but they are dying because the tree's themselves are dying." interupted Ashstar. Silverstar looked back at him for a moment
and nodded.
Silverstar looked up, as she held her tongue, not wanting to bring up the kit. "That's all Rainclan has to report." she said, but as soon as she had said this,
the ground shook violently, causing her claws to grip tightly to the ground. Cats squeaked and yowled as a tree fell, crushing more than half of the cats.

Chapter 8 Hailclan Down

The tree crushed more than half of the cats there, as Brackenlegs yowled in fear. He had slammed his eyes shut before he could see who had gotten crushed, when he
opened them, he felt his heart stop. The tree had fell right beside him, and missed him. It had missed him, but it had crushed Speckletail. His eyes were wide as he
stared at her body. She was still breathing, but her blood was pooling around her. She shook in pain as Brackenlegs quickly tried to lift the log, but he was unable
to. This tree was thicker than a bus, it was referred to as the great oak. Even if all of the cats helped, they could not lift it. "Speckletail! Don't worry! I'll get
you out of there!" he said between grunts.
"Brack...enlegs..." whispered Speckletail, as blood dripped out of her mouth. "Get... Get D-Darkkit... keep... keep her s-safe... for me.." she said, as
Brackenlegs shook his head. "No! Don't do this to me! You'll be fine!" he yowled, as the ground shook more. "Brackenlegs! We need to go! Now!" growled Snakefang with
Spiderpaw inbetween his legs, shivering. "Please... Brack-kenlegs..." pleaded Speckletail. Brackenlegs felt tears pricking at his eyes. "Yes, I will. I..." he got
closer to Speckletail, before licking her once more and whispering so only she could hear. "I'll never forget you." Once he had said that, Speckletail's breathing had
Brackenlegs backed up, and slammed his eyes shut, before opening them to turn to Spiderfang. "Come on Mousebrain! We gotta jett!" he said, as he dashed off
towards the log. Brackenlegs followed as he looked back once more. All of the cats that had lived were trying to cross, but all the logs had broken. "We're jumping!"
hissed Brackenlegs as he joined Ashstar, Berrypelt, Spiderpaw, and Snakefang. As soon as they had jumped, the entire area where four stones were, plummetted through
the ground. Yowls of pain and sadness were heard as they looked down. Only a few cats had made it. Once there was a large thud, all of the yowling and crying stopped.
Brackenlegs was horrified. He looked over and he saw other cats that had survived from other clans, as they stared, unable to process what had just happened.
"All of us need to meet at the moonstone!" growled Silverstar, all of the cats snapped out of their gaze as they looked to her. The ground began to shake again. "We
need to get everyone we can to the moonstone, we can re-group there! That's the best idea, none of us can stay here!" she yowled. "I wish you all luck!" she said,
before she turned to run with her clan. Brackenlegs looked to Ashstar as Ashstar nodded. "Do as she says." he commanded.
The remaining Hailclan cats dashed back as the ground shook. "Spiderpaw! Snakefang! Help me gather some herbs! No major herbs, only herbs that could help us! And
grab some cobwebs!" commanded Berrypelt. The two immediately got to work as the entire ground shook again. Brackenlegs ran to the nursery as the queens and kits
huddled together. "Everyone! Listen up! We're leaving! Everyone grab a kit!" he commanded, grabbing Darkkit and handing him to a queen. He turned to Splashpaw and
Jaypaw. "I want you both to help the queens." he said as he noticed Berrypelt, Snakefang, and Spiderpaw come. "Snakefang! Lead them to the moonstone!" he commanded.
Snakefang nodded as he ran and the queens followed. Spiderpaw was hesitant, but followed. The ground gave another violent shake and the nursery collapsed just before
Brackenlegs got crushed.
He quickly headed to the elders den where he saw Croweye helping them. Brackenlegs stuck his head out. "Mouseclaw! Tigertail! Sunpelt! Help us with the elders!"
he yowled, as he helped the elders to their paws. The younger elders were instruced to run and follow the scent of the queens, so they did. The elders that couldn't
run that fast, were assisted by Mouseclaw, Tigertail, Sunpelt, and Croweye. Brackenlegs looked around, as the last few cats ran. He caught up to Ashstar as he ran as
fast as possible. The ground gave another violent shake, as it began to cave in on itself. Brackenlegs froze as he looked back. They had forgotten about Twistedleg.
Twistedleg was a cat born with a ruined leg, and couldn't walk on his own. Brackenlegs began to ran. He ran to the medicine cat den where he stayed. Twistedleg
was trying to get up, not wanting to be left. "Twistedleg! I'm coming!" Yowled Brackenlegs. Twistedleg was smaller, so Brackenlegs could easily carry him. He didn't
have much muscle mass either. Brackenlegs grabbed him by the scurff of the neck. Just as he was makeing it outside of camp, the entire camp began to cave in, he ran
faster, knowing not only his life was on the line, but Twistedlegs as well. He ran until the ground was to unstable, and he jumped farther than he ever had. He landed
hard and he knew he broke a paw, but he didn't care. he had made it over, and refused to stop running. He looked back with wide eyes as his whole clan camp had fallen
at least 50 feet.
He ran and ran, following the scent. The ground still shook, but not as violently. He finally got to where it no longer shook, and he set Twistedleg down.
Brackenlegs panted loudly, as Twistedleg looked at him with huge eyes. "Brackenlegs... I... I can't thank you enough. I thought... I thought I was going to die!" said
Twistedleg, looking down sadly. "I thought I was forgotten." he mumbled. Once Brackenlegs had caught his breathe, he shook his head. "No. You're a member of my clan.
I'd never leave you." he said, a slight smile. He slowly stood, feeling pain in his paw and winced. "Are you alright?" asked twistedleg, looking at Brackenlegs.
"Yes, I think I broke my paw." he confessed, as he limped over to Twistedleg. He helped up Twistedleg. "Try not to put any weight on it." commanded Twistedleg as
Brackenlegs nodded.
The two began to walk again, as Brackenlegs explained what had happened. Twistedleg looked down. "I can't believe... why would Starclan do such a thing?" he
questioned, feeling anger boil in his blood. Brackenlegs shook his head, not knowing either. Brackenlegs lifted his head to scent for his clan. "They're close now." he
said. Not long after, he had finally found what was left of his clan. Once he got there, Brownface ran to him, and licked his cheek. "You Mousebrain! I thought you
were dead!" she yowled. "I couldn't leave Twistedleg, he couldn't have made it out in time." he said. Brownface sighed in defeat, looking exhausted.
They all looked exhausted. Twistedleg looked away. "I can't believe how little of us left there are. How many cats were in the other clans?" he asked. Brackenlegs
shook his head. "No one knows. But we're all meeting at the moonstone. For now, we should all rest." he said. Twistedleg nodded. "Ashstar wants all of us to rest over
there, he wants everyones pelt touching one another. It'll be cold tonight." said Brownface. "I'm going to see Berrypelt first." said Brackenlegs, making his way to
Berrypelt with a limp. Berrypelt was sorting through what little herbs he had left, then noticed Brackenlegs, and smiled. "You crazy tom, I knew it took more than that
to kill you." he said. Brackenlegs smiled. "Unfortunately, it did give me a broken paw." he said, wincing. Berrypelt looked down at it, and nodded. He took a very
large, thick leaf out of a pile just like it. He sat it down and instructed Brackenlegs to lie down and put the broken paw on it.
Berrypelt wrapped it around his paw, and chewed up something sticky to hold it together. The leaf made it where he couldn't bend it. "There." he said, as he stood
up, admiring his work. "Just don't put to much weight on it." he instructed. "Thanks Berrypelt." he said, as he turned to walk away. He limped as he joined Spiderfang
and the others, and lied inbetween Spiderfang and Brownface. Spiderfang looked at him "Glad your alright." he said, as all Brackenlegs could does was slowly nod. Even
Berrypelt had come over. But since Berrypelt was a cat with no fur, he was put in the middle for warmth. It definately helped.

Chapter 9 Rainclan Down

As soon as Silverstar had yowled to Mudclan and Hailclan cats, she and her clan ran off as well. She felt an ache in her heart, as she knew how many cats had lost
their lives because of this. She looked around, to see who she had left. Greyback, Bramblepelt, Iceclaw, Firetail, Adderfoot, Finchsong, and Featherwhiskers. She
sighed, most of her warriors were dead. She noticed Greyback was running faster than the others, and Silverstar expected it was because of Sandears. Once they had
reached camp, Iceclaw and Bramblepelt quickly ran to the nursery to help the queens, along with Greyback. Firetail, Adderfoot, and Finchsong went to gather herbs,
while Featherwhiskers helped Silverstar with the elders.
"Adderfoot! Once Finchsong is done helping Firetail, have her lead you far away!" ordered Silverstar, as the ground shook violently again. Adderfoot nodded as
she helped the eleders. As soon as Silverstar exited that den, the den began to crumble, as a large piece broke when they ground shook. She quickly went inside and
started yanking elders, and throwing them out. She knew it hurt them, but she wouldn't let them die!
Greyback handed Sandears Snowkit as he quickly helped her up. He noticed that the elders den was falling, and he almost lost his balance when the ground shook. He
looked out, and he saw some cats helping Firetail with herbs run, as Finchsong and Silverstar followed. Greyback looked to Bramblepelt and Icecloud. "We're leaving!"
he ordered. The ground shook again, more violent then ever as he noticed the ground move. The three cats quickly ran, as Iceclaw was in back, shoving a queen forwards
if she fell behind. Greyback didn't know how he'd explaine some of their mates had died.
Once they were at the edge of the camp, the ground was breaking under their paws, as Iceclaw attempted to jump, she began to fall. Bramblepelt quickly chomped
down on the nip of Iceclouds neck, grabbing her before she had the chance to fall. Bramblepelt struggled to keep Iceclaw from falling, as her paws scraped on the
ground giving her tiny cuts. Greyback helped Bramblepelt grab Iceclaw, and pulled her up. Before Icecaw had the chance to thank them, Greyback stopped her. "You
can thank us later. We need to go." he ordered, as all of a sudden the entire camp plummeted underground. With wide eyes, he stared. But the ground shook again and
the three ran as fast as their paws would take them, shoving a queen now and again. Iceclaw fell and slid a few feet when the ground shook, and quickly got to her
paws again, and dashed.
Greyback ran forwards, Sandears beside him. He couldn't even process everything. Nothing like this has ever happened in the past. What could Starclan be mad
about? He wondered, but of course he knew. It was because Silverstar had lied. Not only lied, but she had lied about something major. Even so, he didn't think Starclan
would go this far. No. Starclan definately wouldn't go this far.
Greyback was panting loudly. Bramblepelt seemed to slightly struggle to keep up, but the adrenaline must've kept her going. The ground shook again, causing one
of the queens to slam face first into a tree. She yowled as blood poured out of her face. Greyback stopped to try to help her. He grabbed her by the scruff of the neck
and began dragging her. The blood from her wound constantly dripped, leaving the ground speckled. Finally, they had gotten to where they could no longer feel the
shaking of the ground. Once they had caught up with the others, they panted loudly. Greyback could feel a tingling sensation throughout his entire body, as if he had
fell asleep on one of his paw. He even felt the sensation in his teeth.
He looked forwards as he approached Silverstar and the cats she had left. He panted loudly, still unable to catch his breath. "Greyback!" said Silverstar, running
to him. "Is anyone injured?" she questioned. Greyback was unable to answer her, so he just turned his head to the Maplepelt, the queen who had hit her face, and
Bramblepelt. Bramblepelt was licking her paws, as she began to clean her own wounds. She would wince every now and then. It was difficult because of how hard she was
panting from the run. Greyback turned forwards. Everything seemed to move slower, and he hadn't even realized Flametail was already helping the two. The adrenaline
rush he had was now gone. He felt his eyes beginning to droop. He had no energy left as he slowly got to the ground, and fell asleep immediately.
Sandears ears pricked up. She was still panting, but not as hard anymore. She looked at Greyback and smiled. She always thought he was adorable when he was
exhausted. She made her way over with Snowkit in her jaws. She lied down beside him, and purred as she put the sleeping kit inbetween her paws and began to groom
Greyback from all of the dirt and leaves. Greyback was so tired he didn't even notice Sandears grooming him. She had closed her eyes while cleaning him. She didn't
even notice cats had gathered around them for warmth. She had finnished grooming him and got to her paws. She saw Silverstar exiting a bush they were using for the
medicine cat den.
She had known Maplepelt her entire life, and she frowned. She got to her paws and nudged Snowkit closer to Greyback, as Snowkit snuggled to him. She stepped over
all the cats that were resting. She made her way to the bush, and frowned at what she had seen. Bramblepelt's face was scrunched up in pain, she had leaves on her paws
to help them heal quickly. She was resting now, but her face would show a pained expression every now and then. Iceclaw had her head resting on Bramblepelts shoulder,
her eyes were closed, but she could tell she was sad. Then she turned her head to Mapletail.
Mapletail's face was covered in some sort of mush. Sandears face showed a worried expression at the sight. She turned to Flametail. She could tell Firetail was
exhausted. "Firetail?" she asked. Firetail slightly jumped, but then looked at her. "Hello Sandears. I was just finishing up on Maplepelt." she said, as she put one
more mouthfull of herbs on her wound. "You look exhausted, you should rest like the others." she said, as he tail swayed slowly. Firetail sighed and gave into
exhaustion as she exited the bush and joined the other cats. Sandears got to her paws again, and made her way back, now almost all of the cats were huddled together.
Silverstar was sitting on a rock, looking up. She was tired, yet she could not sleep. The clouds covered the skys, and that worried Silverstar. She wanted to talk
with Starclan so badly, yet she didn't even know how to explain her rage. She had sat there and watched most of her clan plummet to their deaths. She wondered if any
of the cats had survived. She knew her clan was strong. If they had been any survivors, they would most likely climb out and run. Once they had gotton to the moonstone
to meet the other clans, she decided she and what other cats that wished to go and search go back to check for survivors. She sighed, looking down at what cats had
survived. So little of them were left. She only wished this had not happened. But nothing could take away that memory.

Chapter 10 Mudclan Down

Moonstar had been unable to move. Her eyes were wide with fear, staring at the now gaping hole in the ground. She blinked again, as she got out of the trance. She
quickly turned, and dashed towards her camp with widened eyes. Everything was blurry, and she couldn't think clearly. She fell over as the ground shook again. The fall
brought her back to the world as she shook her head and ran again. She looked around at what cats were with her. Mossclaw, Blacktail, Meadowpelt, Firetooth, and
Snowcloud. So little warriors were left in her clan... how had this happened? She continued to run to her camp with the cats she had left. As soon as she had gotten
there, the ground began to shift, threatening to break.
"Save everyone you can!" she growled, as she ran to the apprentice den, yowling at them to come out and help. "Mossclaw! Snowcloud! Take the queens and run until
you can't feel the ground shake! We'll follow your scent!" she yowled, as Mossclaw ran to the medicine cat den with Brownpaw to grab herbs that would be needed.
Medicine cats were always taught if there is disaster, save what you need. Meadowpelt and Firetooth were helping elders while Moonstar finally shoved the last queen
out of the den. The ground began to shake more, as all of the cats ran. The ground began to cave in before they could even get out of there! Runningwater had jumped,
but half-way through the jump knew she didn't jump far enough. Firetooth quickly ran at her, slamming into her as they both made it across. Luckily they had all gotten
out alive.
The ground shook again, causing a tree to fall. It slammed on Firetooth's tail. He yowled in pain. Moonstar stopped and turned around.The ground was falling
behind him as he desperately tried to break free, yowling and screaming. She ran to him, and was forced to rip his tail off. He screamed in agony, as Moonstar shoved
him forwards. The two cats ran as the ground shook more and more. Until it finally just stopped. She didn't care, she had continued to run either way. She felt as if
her paws were carrying her through the air while she ran. Why had Starclan done this?
It couldn't have been because she attacked Rainclan, could it? No. She knew it wasn't. Many battles had happened and Starclan never done anything like this
before. Mudclan was the closest to the moonstone, so Moonstar knew her clan would be the first clan there. It normally took her clan about a day to get there. But with
all that has happened, she knew it would take a lot longer. She turned to Firetooth who was panting and wincing with every run. She put her ears back slightly as she
continued to run. Her paws burned with every step, but she refused to slow down. She was beginning to slow down, and she fell behind the others. Before she even knew
it, she had stopped.
She tried to walk again, but couldn't. All of a sudden, the ground split apart right in front of her, as it swallowed half of the survivors. "No!" she yowled, as
she watched them fall to their doom. She quickly grabbed one of them, slinging them up before yanking another. She could only watch as the others died. She was
shivering. She just wanted to get out of there, as she turned to run faster. The ground continued to shake. until it finally stoped. When the ground stopped, so did
the rest of her clan. They all panted, and felt so helpless in this. She looked at her clan, panting loudly.
"Is this... all that's left?" she questioned. The other cats looked around at the small amount of them. She sighed, as she walked towards the cats that had left
with most of the queens earlier. "I want all of us sleeping pelt to pelt tonight." she said, looking away. Moonstar would never admit it, but she was terrified to be
alone. She wanted to feel warmth of another cat. They all nodded. Of course they did. You'd have to have no soul to not be just a bit scared after all of this.
Moonstar looked outside at the night sky. All she could ask, was why? Why did this happen to her clan? Why did this happen to them? Why did this happen? No one but
Starclan had the answers. And it seems Starclan had given up on them. So there was no way she'd even be able to ask them, let alone want to after this. She blinked a
few times as her tail swished.
She thought about every cat that had passed on. She had at lease one memory with all of them. She knew she would charish those memories. Forever. They were all to
young to die. They all had their whole lives ahead of them. Moonstar couldn't help feeling this was all her fault. She wished she could turn back the hands of time.
She shivered, and looked back down. She walked to her clan as they all slept soundly. She slept beside one of her warriors and purred loudly, not wanting to ever move.
She was in agony. Not in pain, but agony. She was so helpless as they fell to their dooms. She had nothing to give them, and she never had the chance to thank any of
them for all their years or months of service. If only she could go back....
Just then had she remembered Firetooth's tail. She blinked as she noticed Meadowpelt had already treated his wound. She smiled slightly, glad he was okay. She
turned to the sky, as she wanted to see the stars at night. But the clouds blocked any star that could possibly peak through. She layed her head back down, and fell
asleep withing seconds.

Chapter 11 Hunting and Memories

Greyback slowly opened his eyes. His entire body felt sore as he slowly sat up. "Goodmorning." mumbled Sandears as she began to groom Snowkit. Greyback blinked
before looking at her. His movements were slow and unsteady. He looked around, unsure where he was for a moment, until he recalled everything that had happened. He
stiffened when he thought about it. He licked his lips to moisten his mouth. "Morning." he said, as he got to his paws. He stretched as a large yawn had escaped his
lips. He looked up and noticed the sun had rose not to long ago. He was normally up by now, but he figured it was because of his exhaustion. He was still tired, but
he was also hungry. He looked around, noticing how sluggish all of the cats were.
"Just the cat I wanted to see." said Silverstar, as she walked up to him. "I hope you slept well." she said. Greyback nodded. "I did." he said blankly. "I want
you to organize a hunting party. Take every warrior you can, we need to feed the clan." she said, as her tail swayed. Greyback nodded again as he looked around. He saw
Iceclaw exit the temporary medicine cat den and stretch. He trotted up to her. "Iceclaw, how's Bramblepelt's paws?" he asked. Iceclaw stretched a little bit longer.
"Her paws are doing much better. Once Flametail had removed all of the dirt and debris from them, everything else went pretty smooth. Her paws are still scrapped up,
and Flametail wants her to stay off them for another day." replied Iceclaw. Greyback nodded. "What about Maplepelt?" he asked, a bit more concern in his voice.
Iceclaw turned her head towards the den, with a saddened face. "She... never woke up. Firetail doesn't know when, or if she'll wake up." she said, sighing
sadly. Greyback nodded again. "Silverstar wants me to take a hunting party. I figured you'd want to go." he said. Iceclaw's ears perked up. He knew how badly she had
wanted to leave, to get away from it all. "Yea, I'll go. We should get Adderfoot and Finchsong. They're the best hunters." she said. Greyback nodded as he and Iceclaw
trotted over to the sleeping cats. He slightly nudged them. "Adderfoot, Finchsong, we need to hunt." he said.
The two cats groaned as they sat up. "I know you're both tired, but the clan needs food. You can rest as much as you'd like once we get back." he suggested. The
two cats got to their feet. "I'll give you both some time to groom. We'll be waiting at the edge of the clearing." said Greyback, as he looked to Iceclaw. They both
headed towards the edge of the clearing and sat. Every bone in their bodies ached. Iceclaw was staring off into space quietly. "Some mess we're in, huh?" asked
Greyback as he stared into the distance. "Yeah... you could say that." she said. There was a large awkward silence until Adderfoot and Finchsong arrived. "Alright."
said Finchsong. "Let's go." he said as he trotted ahead. Greyback looked to Iceclaw, then followed behind.
Finchsong's ears were straight, listening to every sound he could pick up. He stopped and froze when he heard the scurrying of a small creature. He turned his
head to see a rabbit hopping along. Finchsongs instinct took over as he got low to the ground, inching himself closer to the rabbit. The rabbit noticed Finchsong as
it attempted to whip around and run, but Finchong grabbed it by its neck, and bit down hard. The rabbit soon died, and Finchsong dropped it. Iceclaw looked shocked at
how easily he had killed the rabbit. "I suggest we separate and meet back here." he said. Adderfoot nodded. Adderfoot rarely spoke, but every cat knew she was a good
Finchsong turned and walked while Adderfoot went the opposite direction. Greyback watched them go, then turned to Iceclaw. "I thought you were the deputy."
chuckled Iceclaw, as she turned to walk away. Greyback smiled. Which was something he hadn't done a lot since what had happened. He just shook his head and began to
walk forwards. He looked up, and huffed as the clouds were all he could see. He wondered how long Starclan though they could hide their shame. He slightly growled. He
began to trot as he sniffed for prey. He stopped once he saw a mouse scurrying on the ground. He lowered himself quickly, before leaping at it. He missed and began to
chase it, claws reaching.
He spun in a circle as he took his claw and slammed down on the mouse, then biting it. Once he felt it stop moving, he dropped it. "Hunting's easier here..." he
mumbled, but remembered it was probably because there were no clans living here. He stared at the mouse, before he brought it back to the spot he promised to meet the
others. He noticed a small pile had already begun. He saw two rabbits, a bird, and a squirrel. The two rabbits were from Finchsong, and Adderfoot caught the squirrel
while Iceclaw caught the bird. He dropped his mouse down, and studied the prey. He wondered if this was enough, since there were so little of them left. But he knew it
wasn't. Cats wouldn't want to share right now. He quickly turned to walk away. Before he completely left, Adderfoot came into the clearing with two plump voles in her
Greyback watched her drop them. And for a second, their eyes met. Adderfoot stared at him, then blinked before turning away. Greyback turned as well. He hated to
admit it, but he was sometimes afraid of Adderfoot. He never understood how a cat could be so quiet without losing their sanity. Of course, maybe she already had lost
it. She was always this quiet. It was kind of weird how she could contain her opinions. He remembered a time when he swore she had almost spoke.
Rapidstar, the previous leader, stood high and tall on the highrock. All of the cats were gathered around. Greypaw stared up at Rapidstar. In the middle of all
the cats, was sitting that looked so similar to Adderfoot. The cat was female, and was a brown cat with a few darker patches. The cat glared at Rapidstar. "Cats of
Rainclan." began Rapidstar. "This cat, Brownfoot, has broken clan code, and mated with a rogue." he snarled. Adderpaw, a new apprentice, was sitting beside Greypaw,
staring anxiously up at Rapidstar. "She has given birth to Adderpaw. A half breed." he said. "Do not speak of my daughter in such way!" snarled Brownfoot, as she got
to her paws. "Silence!" he hissed. Brownfoot sat back down angrily. "I want Brownfoot and her half-breed daughter out of my clan." He stated. "I exile you both." he
said. Brownfoots eyes widened.
"No! Please! You can exile me, but let Adderpaw stay!" begged Brownfoot, with pleading green eyes. Rapidstar hissed, before sighing. "The child may stay. But you,
will never be allowed in my territory again! Get out!" he growled as he jumped from the highrock, and swung a paw at Brownfoot. Adderpaw's mouth opened, as if to
object, or scream, but she closed it again. She backed up, and turned around and ran to the apprentice den.
Greyback wondered why she had not spoken that day. But his thinking stopped once he saw a rabbit. He crouched down low, before leaping at it. With one swift bite,
he had taken the rabbit out. He clenched it in his jaws, before dropping it. He stared at it as its blood made a small pool. 'Why Adderfoot? What was holding you

Chapter 12: Where is the white cat?

One day. It had been one day since everything went downhill. Brackenlegs still had not been able to get over what had happened. He, Snakefang, and Spiderpaw were
bringing back prey that they had caught. He could re-play every moment in his head. Every horrible, bloody, moment. Especially, when that tree had been so close to
hitting him. Why couldn't it had hit him? Why did it have to hit Speckletail? Of all the cats... why did it have to be her? Brackenlegs swallowed Snakefang had trotted
up beside him. "You alright? You look like you just saw Tigerstar." meowed Snakefang with a worried expression. Brackenlegs slightly jumped. "Yeah, I'm alright. I just
can't get those images out of my head." he replied with two rabbits in his jaws.
Snakefang sighed as he dropped the prey in his mouth and stopped. "Look... I know how bad it must've been to see Speckletail go out like that," he began, looking
down at the prey. "But you're going to have to get over it sooner or later. It's not like you can dwell on it forever." he said. Brackenlegs nodded. Spiderpaw had not
spoken much since the accident, especially since he was so young and had witnessed it. Spiderpaw trotted beside Brackenlegs as they had entered the clearing. When the
cats had seen the prey they had brought back, their expressions brightened. Croweye walked towards Brackenlegs and the others as they set the prey down. He looked at
all of them. "Nice work." he said, as Snakefang smiled proudly. Croweye turned towards the others. "I want everyone to share this prey. It's not much, but we all need
to eat. Three cats share a rabbit, and two cats can share everything else." he commanded.
All of the cats seemed to agree with this, for they just wanted to get prey into their bellies. Snakefange grabbed a rabbit as he nudged Brackenlegs to join him.
Brackenlegs nodded as he grabbed anther rabbit. He headed to Brownface, and set down near the others. Brownface, Spiderpaw, and Snakefang were sharing a rabbit.
Brackenlegs saw Ashstar. "Ashstar." he called. Ashstar looked at him, as Brackenlegs motioned to the rabbit. Ashstar nodded, as he came over and sat near them. "Nice
catch Brackenlegs." he said. Brackenlegs nodded. "I'm getting Berrypelt." he said as he trotted over to him. "Berrypelt, would you like to share a rabbit with me and
Ashstar?" he asked. Berrypelt looked to him and got up and stretched. "Sure. I haven't eaten yet." he said as he followed Brackenlegs. Brackenlegs sat beside Ashstar
as Berrypelt sat beside him.
"Alrigth Ashstar, Berrypelt. What's going on?" questioned Brackenlegs. Ashstar had just swallowed a large bite, as he looked to Berrypelt. "Well," began Ashstar.
"Berrypelt informed me he recieved an omen a few days before Speckletail and Darkkit had joined the clan." he said, as he looked at Darkkit. "Get on with it." growled
Snakefang. Ashstar slightly growled. "I saw cats. Cats that were... ill. They were doing things that cats normally wouldn't do. They were acting as if they had
completely lost their sanity." interrupted Berrypelt, before he took another bite. Spiderpaw swallowed a large gulp. "So are any of us going to lose it?" he questioned
as Snakefung licked his head. Berrypelt shook his head. "No... but others will. It will be as if their presence is no longer there, but only their bodies." He said.
"Great, so we're doomed to die?" asked Brownface. Ashstar looked at her. "No. Because Darkkit will save us." he said. Brownface almost choked on rabbit. "Are you
kidding me?" she asked. Ashstar shook his head. "Not now, but when he's older. He and some white cat will save us all." said Ashstar. Berrypelt looked at them all.
"White will shine through the night, and black will save the soul."
Brackenlegs looked at Ashstar, then to the others. "How do we even know it's Darkkit's future?" he questioned. "It's no coincidence that he had come to us at this
time Brackenlegs! It has to be him!" snarled Snakefang. "Oh yeah? And what do we do if it's not!" growled Brackenlegs. "Both of you stop this!" commanded Ashstar.
Brackenlegs huffed before sitting down. Snakefang sat down as well. "Fighting won't solve anything right now. But, I do have one question Berrypelt." said Ashstar.
Berrypelt looked at him. "Where is the white cat?"

White and Black


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