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A Memory In Lightwaves by TempusObscura

A Memory In Lightwaves


Completion Date: 7.9.2023
Time Taken: 2 hours
+ Sketched, inked, colored, and watermarked in Clip Studio Paint
+ --

Symmetrical bust done as a gift and example for Aurora of FoxfireFantasy~!
Would you like a bust like this of your own AND support a good cause? Please check out this post for details -


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Artwork © 2023 Simhanada Gaither (SoulsPoison) (Padmabhujaga) (TempusObscura)
Aurora © FoxFireFantasy/Aurora Fox
Do not use without permission; Artwork copyright Simhanada Gaither (SoulsPoison) (Padmabhujaga) (TempusObscura), Character copyright respective owner (FoxFireFantasy); All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, and/or redistribute under penalty of law.

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