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Breath of Stars by TempusObscura

Breath of Stars


11 May 2017 at 17:24:48 MDT

Completion Date: 1-8-17
Time Taken: 8 hours

  • Staedtler 924 ballpoint pen (.02)
  • Colored in Paint Tool SAI
  • Additional color, textures, and watermarked in Photoshop CS2


  • Falling Star - Qntal
  • Indigo Children - Puscifer
  • Noit E Dia - Qntal
  • Rain of Stars - Record of Lodoss War
  • Skydive - B.A.P.
  • WINGS ~ BTS Album
  • Hijo de la Luna - Mecano

A special piece done for the creative force behind Kitsune Illusions, Kyokkou and Kyousuke Kisaragi!

This was an absolutely amazing piece for me to work on and I'm definitely feeling more in my element of doing stars and space themes! Thank you for letting me work with you to create something I really truly am proud to show and love <333

Artwork © 2017 P. Simhanada Gaither (SoulsPoison)
Kyokkou © mordrudesmonsters |
Kyousuke © mordrudesmonsters |
Textures from
Do not use without permission. Artwork copyright P. Simhanada Gaither (SoulsPoison), Characters copyright respective owners (Kyokkou) (Kyousuke); All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, and/or redistribute under penalty of law.