Sixes Wild: Lead Me On by Tempo (critique requested)

Sixes Wild: Lead Me On (critique requested)


20 January 2014 at 23:00:05 MST

On the frontier, death runs close at hand—so close, some say the dead linger on as echos in family heirlooms.

Armed with her late father's guns, a sharp wit, and a quick pair of paws, the gunslinger known as 'Six Shooter' thought she had a bead on her way in the world. That is, until a routine bit of larceny drops her into the depths of some very unusual and dangerous schemes.

Power-mad lions, mind-bending rock, and whispers from her dead father: these a bunny can handle.

Falling in love with the local sheriff, though...that's trouble!

~ ~ ~

Remember the really cool previews Thefunkyone has been putting out for the last year? Well, here's the completed project: a really awesome fan animation! Just thought I'd post this here for the people who might have missed it. : )

Also, you can now download the Sixes Wild ebook!

Let me know what you think! And go watch Thefunkyone for more amazing art. : )

Check out more of the Sixes Wild series here:

UPDATE: Here's the non-Flash version!

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    I LOVE THIS SERIES! :D series the right word?

    Whatever you'd call it, I love it, and you all better read it.

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      Yep! It's a series of that spans books, short stories, comics, and animations. They all take place in the same continuity. : )

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    it looks good but the only hiccup I have about this is I couldn't see the entire screen so I couldn't everything.