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[Silly Doodle] A Night On A Hill by TehRealMonkeyjelly

[Silly Doodle] A Night On A Hill


This doodle was on my list for a long while and since it was during the hype of Night In The Woods game that came out and I always wanted to do this with these two for awhile and I can say that I achieve that goal.

One night Gregg and Angus were having difficult time trying to get some sleep after a long day at their jobs and with the ongoing war with paranormal cults and other mysterious forces that plagues Possum Springs. So, Angus, the clever bear he is, got up from his side of the bed trying not to disturb his little bug (who himself can't sleep), went out on the balcony and gaze upon the night sky and notices its beauty of the night. Angus thought to himself and looked back at the building and did a quick smile. Angus quickly went inside and picked up Gregg from the bed and put him in the car and drove him to a park and found the best place for the best occasion.

Characters - Greg Lee and Angus Delaney (Belongs to Infinite Fall or the game Night In The Woods)

Art By Me/TehRealMonkeyJelly