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[Silly Doodle] Pumbaa's Gassy Wish by TehRealMonkeyjelly

[Silly Doodle] Pumbaa's Gassy Wish


Another doodle I had in mind from a post from :iconDarkPiggie: on Twitter suggesting any ideas and soon this idea I gave to him turn to an idea of my own. I hope you guys enjoy X3

Pumbaa, Pumbaa, Pumbaa. I guess your wish for everlasting bugs stuffing your pig face is a dream come true. Yet. Being super gassy, A big o' slob, and hogging all those delicious stinkbugs from your pal, Timon, is the other downside of your wish. But, where is Timon? Is he too binging on bugs? Is he bathing in wealth? Nobody knowns for sure, but we can guess he's up to something. XD

Characters - Pumbaa (Belongs to Disney or the show/movie, Lion King, Timon & Pumbaa, and etc.)
Art by me