[COM] A Nap You'll Never Forget Pg. 1 by TehRealMonkeyjelly

[COM] A Nap You'll Never Forget Pg. 1


9 January 2020 at 11:17:44 MST

This is another long overdue commission for :iconLegendTheDragon: of his oc Legend in his grovyle form and he is going to have one heck of an awakening.

I finally finished all the comic commissions and now I can continue to work on the next stuff I have been planning and other commissions.
I hope you guys enjoy this 10 page comic.

Comic: A Nap You'll Never Forget
Characters - Legend the Grovyle (Belongs to LegendTheDragon) and Grovyle as a Species (Belongs to Pokemon or Nintendo and GameFreak)
Art By me