Holly|19|Female|Cali| in love with my nerdy sniper <3

I draw for fun. I'm not planning to have a career in art.

I usually stick within my comfort zone, but I'm trying really hard to branch out.

I'm obsessed with: Cats, Gravity Falls, My little Pony, Salukis,Pugs, German Shepherds, zebras, foxes, bush babies, Chinchillas,Traveling, Sherlock, Drawing, The Finder, Adventure Time, Pokemon, Kobato, Code Geass, York Mints, Longmire, and Chocolate.


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on 2 August 2014 at 14:30:52 MDT

I'm beginning to hit an artblock ;__; I'm struggling with full body pictures and it's mostly cus of pose/anatomy. I really want to get it right, and I don't want to upload stuff that I'm eh about. Idk what to do.

Anyone got any tips or tutorials on poses and anatomy??

Also, how does one do lineart with the marker tool on sai?

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