The one, The only, The Tactical Pikachu! (Girl Version) by Team Helldog -Ballista (critique requested)

The one, The only, The Tactical Pikachu! (Girl Version) (critique requested)

Team Helldog -Ballista

8 January 2016 at 21:48:34 MST

This was supposed to be an open canvas but I figured "eh what the hell. I'll post it anyway! This is actuall the female version of my pokemon OC Jay. Her name is Jayme....Yea I know I didn't have alot of time to name her. Isnt that the cutest scout sniper you've ever seen?

(Wanna use, or repost etc? Ask me first)

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    Just out of curiosity...
    If Pikachu can learn Shock Wave, which is an electric move that never misses, why does she need a sniper rifle?
    Not that I'm complaining, because I kind of want one now... XD
    That and a PS-90

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      Because no matter how you spin it. No matter how bad ass and pretty anime and the japanese culture make it look. There is no feeling, ABSOLUTELY NO FEELING, greater than hitting a target from 800 meters away....especially if its moving....No that's clearance for bragging rights. XD

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        And that is why: Whenever I play a shooting game, I always pick the sniper class or sniper rifles. Or, if the sniper rifle isn't any good, I pick a mid-range rifle.

        Also, well put sir, well put.