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I need your guys' help! by tealFOXY

I need your guys' help!


30 June 2014 at 19:51:30 MDT

What for? Well at the end of July, I'm moving to Seattle. Not exactly the time I'd like to be moving across the country, but due to certain circumstances, it's really one of the only places I can move to! Our lease ends on the 31st of July, so I'm going to have to be out of the house by then, and I need your guys' help to save up!

My goal for the 31st is to have approx. $1250 ready to take to Seattle. I'm hoping I can have a decent chunk saved up soon because my ride to Seattle has dropped, and so I have to leave a lot of furniture behind, and fly there instead.

What do I need to save for specifically?

  • Airfare (+/- $200)
  • Suitcase(s?)
  • Safety net until I find a job in Seattle.
  • Rent upon moving in.

Where do you guys come in? I'm in dire need of commissions or any help towards my move. I have a limited amount of time, and it's really starting to worry me. I know this stuff gets kind of annoying, but I could really use some help because I can't do this alone!

Right now, I'm offering full body (color, lighting, shade, etc) commissions for $70, and my "Cyberpunk" designs for $50.

Please email me at for inquiries!

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    Will try to spread the word, and safe trip up here! You'll love this city <3