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[G] Fuzzy Bros Axe Throwin' by TeaLBiTZ (critique requested)

[G] Fuzzy Bros Axe Throwin' (critique requested)


Gift for rat_child_2.0 on Instagram!!

Was asked to draw our bois together doing something buddies would do. Had to do some research on axe throwing but was well worth it! This was an experimental drawing with this new style!! Even without considering my classes, this took a long time to render. Really hope ya like this ^^

Please do tell if this is okay!?!

Software 🖥: Medibang Paint Pro | Krita 4.2.2
Hardware: XP-PEN Artist12 11.6in

Art ~ TeaLBiTZ
Character(Max) ~ rat_child_2.0
Character(Marcus) ~ TeaLBiTZ

Any support is appreciated (Tips, favs, comments, sharing, etc) 💙