Playing with The Queen of Hearts by TBRae (critique requested)

Playing with The Queen of Hearts (critique requested)


10 September 2017 at 23:41:29 MDT

and I'm a-waiting on the twelve-oh-five
Hoping it'll take me just a little farther down the line
you're just a heartache in disguise;
Won't you keep my heart from breaking
if it's only for a very short time..."

Meet Freyja Jean Jaque Rousseau~!

She's Hoshi's Hoshi Nakano by TBRae cutie waifu to be.

A few things about her. She's about 250 years old. She was born in the late 1700s and received her armor in her twenties when she was studying ballet. The french revolution messed up things for her family and she was summoned her armor.

L'Armure De Blance Et Rouge.

The Armor of White and Red.

The armor that has history of great bloodshed and love attatched to it.

As she goes through the new ages. She earns many nicknames: The White Rabbit, The Red Queen, The Pale Horseman, The White Knight. Her armor is a very thin white elegant armor, which I think I'm gonna base on Sasha Velours final two looks from Drag Race.(eeeep)

Skip to modern times when the armors are resurfacing and such.

She works in a high end LA strip club as the lead show. She doesn't try to make sound fancy, by calling it burlesque or adult theatre because she's very blunt after all the wars she's been through. "Doesn't matter what its called, I'm taking my clothes off and men are paying me to do it. There is no difference, some use feathers and sparkles, i like leather boots and lingerie. At the end of the day, men pay me more, but it doesn't make me a whore because I refuse to act like I'm better than anyone else who is in the same situation."

She doesn't like boys though.

She meets Hoshi and rescues her and auggie off their feet. She loves her precious babes. Hoshi because she's tiny and fierce, Auggie because he's the most precious little tiny angel she's ever seen. (Auggie learns how to dance from her, and play piano from his mom.)


(also thanks to Sudden-Paws for the random inspiration that spiraled into a character development that was somehow based on our mutual love of FFIX, anthros, and awesomeness. Lol. )

Freyja and armor (c) me
Ronin Warriors (c) Sunrise/ Hajime Yatate

(also i realized i messed up her top hand and arm.I have a small case of heat exhaustion. Will work on Kiribans on Thursday. my day off.)

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