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KAC Rap by Tauryu




Hello! Jut sharing a fun song I was in with my friends Alissa and Carmen. There is no name for the song yet. It's a silly take on the more serious song "Gotta Blast" by Diego Money, Bandman Farri, and Tay-k 47. Going to put the lyrics here below. Please enjoy!

Dog sounds, laughs, Kells
Uh, Come on, uh
Yeah… yeah yeah yeah yeah, get em

It’s the Boarder Collie, makin’ broccoli with some roast beef (with some roast beef)
Cookin’ with Alissa and Carmen as my posse (Venus 7, ow)
She don’t eat meat, got fresh greens for your body (yeah yeah)
I cook to eat, don’t call it a hobby (Nope)
Hair all white (white), got my own site
Buddy with the black stripes, he know how to fight
Look at my skills (arf), I can rhyme tight (wow)
I’m just poking at the ham, gotta take a bite (mmmmhhh)
In three minutes, my cup noodles comin’ out the mic (beep beep)
“Do we have s’mores”? (arf) Well, do you want s’mores? (You do)
Got all you need right here, what you asking for? (Go ahead silly)
You can come into the kitchen if you want some more.

I-I make a cake made of rich wheat and tasty oats (ow)
Th-these people talkin’, people try, these people sayin’ uh
Just taste the greatest treat to ever slither down your throat Best thing, that’s all she wrote

Hop up out the cup, make it a pitcher (Hi)
Drink it down, that was a kicker (ow)
Never thought cider’ll make my legs thicker (woah woah)
Find a drink that’s sweeter, cuz this one’s bitter (stir, stir)
Yeah, my drink’s bitter, so I have to switch her (stir, stir)
Yeah, my drinks bitter, I let Kells switch her (Call up Kells)
Call up Kells, yeah, yeah, she’s a fast picker
Call Alissa, yeah, yeah, she’s the best mixer
Watch the sugar, yeah, I gotta watch my figure (watch the sugar)
Watch my figure, then I’ll slim down quicker (yeah)

I-I-I was mixin’ fast cuz Carmen’s gassed, man (mixin’ fast)
These people talkin’ but I’m too fast wit it
G-Get that honey, had to get it fast, committed
I-I had to do the work, I got it done man

[Outro: Alissa]
I just get it done man
Comin’ up, we always get it done
You know what else, we always makin’ plans, get it
Rappin’ for them fans, man
Look out for Venus7
We ain’t scared, man
Kelly, Carmen, we out

Lyrics written by Tauryu
Performed by Alissa, Carmen, and Kelly (myself)
Instrumental by Hipstrumentals

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