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Dragon Magics by Taross

Dragon Magics


  • In an indeterminate future in an undetermined place... *

"So you've found me, congratulations... Was it everything you hoped it would be?" The dragon leaned in a little more, unbothered by the person standing in front of hir. It's not like shi hadn't expected the visitor. Shi kept rumours alive about hir existence hirself and shi put this particular person on the road to finding hir personally. Shi grinned and paused a moment.


"Eat you? Oh no... You have braved the tests set out before you to earn your audience and state your desire. And if it is within my powers to grant, it shall be done." shi gestured and the pearl hovering slightly behind hir left shoulder hovered over to take a position before hir. "Although by now you should know what I can and cannot do. And what you should or should not ask."
Again, shi paused. This time looking at the figure as if expecting something on their part.


"Payment will be discussed afterwards. This is either something you want or do not want and accepting the concequences of your choice is a part of that no matter what they would be." Hir voice was patient, but a slight notion of urgency seemed to be slipping in "So... State your desire."


"A looong and healthy life, yes. That is quite part of the deal." shi sniggered a little, looking at the confused look at hir drawing out the word long. "Very well..."
The pearl started glowing between hir hands, light arcing around it as power began to gather and the air grew pregnant with potential.
"A new life, long and healthy. Magical powers and great potential... I would think you'll fit right in growing up with my great-great-grandkids..."


"Oh, quite..." Taross chortled melodiously as shi let the magic go "Thirty-one is quite adult for you, yes. But as dragons go you're going to be barely out of the egg at that age. Look on the bright side. A lot of people would give an arm and a leg or two to get to be a kid again and still keep their memories." The magic released, arcing forwards into the petitioner, starting its work.

"Girls?" Taross called over hir shoulder into the depths of the forest behind hir "Want to come over and say hi to your new playmate and friend? He'll be done any second!"


So, I noticed that overall I have little to no not actually sexually tinted art of myself and my alternate appearances. So when :iconiamghostdivision: opened a slot for Black Friday Discount I jumped on that to get a nice Eastern dragon image by their hand. If you check out their gallery, you can see they're very good at that kind of figure and form.

As for the little story... The dragon form is a specifically separate form granted by the power of a dragons pearl of wisdom. In my personal canon for the universe (that does have some magic in) a wayward crate of cargo finds itself onto the spacestation Taross works at. Having been unloaded by hir crew, without a manifest, shi took it as hir responsibility to check the contents and determine whether or not it was safe. Inside was an orb almost bigger than hir entire upper body but surprisingly light to lift out.
A pearl, empowered by a dying clan of magical dragons well in ancient history and legend, to bring their accumulated knowledge and power into the future until a worthy soul touched its surface. And apparently shi was. Transformed into a lungdragon ( ) but keeping hir bodyform shi was empowered with the task of regrowing the clan. So shi shared it with hir family, one at first who then passed it on as well ( ) and slowly a new generation started to form ( ) with some help from other non-noodly family members too...

But... I would say that a dragon lives a much, much longer -and sometimes nigh immortal- time than skunks do. Even those empowered with liquidshifter ability. And while shi would have the ability to be in hir regular body or the dragon body for now, eventually the first starts to age... and the dragon form takes over permanently. But thankfully, between hir family and loved ones, the new clan manages to survive and every now and then a soul dissatisfied with their current existence manages to find the right rumours and figure out the correct legends and eventually find themselves on the correct trail of finding something... more...
Still, they never seem to figure out that across a potential lifespan of thousands of years, their current lifetime is a drop in the bucket and they're always surprised that they need to grow up all over again first.

Anyroad... Enjoy noodle art.


Taross is mine
Art by :iconiamghostdivision:
Artists submission: TBA

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