Double Trouble by Taross

Double Trouble


19 May 2016 at 13:06:05 MDT

Having caught a rather nasty flu, Taross had gone to bed early the night before. Shi had a massive headache and felt so lethargic, shi almost went and crept into the tub just in case; the still rather 'fledgeling' liquidshifter needed all hir concentration to even stay fairly solid as shi dragged hirself to hir bed.
The night itself was filled with feverish dreams that had hir tossing and turning. Half the liquid in the bed being sweat, the other half hirself. When it finally seemed that hir fever had broken, the still sleeping taur started to sub- and unconciously pull hirself together again...

The next morning had Taross wake up to a voice right next to hir...
"...Ahh, good... you're awake. Now we can see which bits are actually mine."

The voice was really familiar, in fact, it seemed like shi was listening to hirself talk, just with a little bit of a lilt to hir speech shi usually affected in hir chocobo-taur form. Blearily, shi rubbed hir eyes with hir left hand and started to puzzle together the sensations.
Hir hindlegs were moving. Shi wasn't doing that conciously at all, yet shi could feel a leg lifting, toes wriggling and hir tailfeathers fanning out.
"Good, so those bits are actually mine to override. And I got the right arm, too. Funny how this one's all fuzzy though." Shi heard hirself say again.
That was just about as confusing as why the hand shi used to rub hir face was scaly, taloned and had only three digits. While shi turned the obviously avian digits in front of hir face, something to hir right moved again and shi finally turned hir head to look.

And shi found hirself staring hirself into the side of hir face, but not hirself either. The avian counterpart spread hir crest in a merry 'smile' and took the scaled hand in hirs "And looks like you get the front legs and the left hand." Shi noted.
"What... how?" Taross didn't get to finish hir phrase as the other chortled and explained.

"Remember being sick and having nightmares?" Shi asked hirself "Well... something funny happened while we were sleeping. But don't worry. I checked online and with a few of my, our friends."

The right-half of hirself gestured at their amalgamated form "It's a thing that apparently can happen to young or inexperienced shifters like us... you... me... It'll take a day or two for our mind to synch back up with itself. Then 'we' can become 'I' again and laugh at this as a silly and embarassing moment."

The chocobo bobbed hir head a moment in confirmation "And since we're the same person, I know you'll agree that we'll just have to ride it out... once you're more awake that is. In the mean time. Just remember... You get the left side and front. I have the right side and back. Got that?"

Taross looked down at hir forepaws and back at the thick-fingered hand on hir side, sighing "But I'm not even left-handed..."

A little two-headed sillyness. Inspired by   kamatz and their shenanigans. Liquidshifting Taross finds hirself -or rather hirselves- in a bit of an awkward situation after a fever-induced night of nightmares plays havoc with hir subconcious.
Still, they do kindof look pretty together, don't they?

Taross and Taross are mine
Art by   mehndix
Artists submission: TBA

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