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Project Epsilon: wandering the school by tapewolf

Project Epsilon: wandering the school


24 August 2014 at 13:40:47 MDT

This is a detail shot of chapter 2, page 2 from The Epsilon Project, the sequel to Project Future. Syd and Sheila are walking around the 'Cubi school chatting about each others clans while other students and staff have fun in the background.

The final page, with captioning will shortly appear here:

One of the benefits of being an incubus or succubus is that you can dress outrageously and get away with it. Indeed, one of the reasons I'm uploading this is because I like how the lighting on Sheila's catsuit came out - thanks are due to sunblink for helping with the reflections on her chest.

Given the fact that we've only really hinted at the shape of her breasts, I believe this still fits under General. Let me know if it needs to have its rating increased.

Artwork by Merlin, colours and highlighting by me. Other characters featured include Daren, Dym'karra, Tango, Professor Falkirk and Ben Buran-Daryil (cubikitsune)