What Did Daniel Think He Was? (2013 retake, v1) by tapewolf

What Did Daniel Think He Was?  (2013 retake, v1)

What Did Daniel Think He Was? (2013 retake, v1)


19 October 2013 at 18:19:57 MDT

Based on the 'Recipe for Disasters' arc in DMFA ( http://missmab.com ), where Dan suddenly discovers he's not an ordinary mortal, this is a song I wrote in 2007 for my fourth album. I tried very hard to give it a 1970 feel, and then promptly ruined it by adding a wavetable synthesizer at the end.

Since my inspiration has finally run dry for now, and since it will soon be the 10th anniversary of my little one-man band, I decided to do a compilation album by taking some of my favourite songs from the first four albums and redoing them with better technology, hopefully better performance, and definitely NO wavetable synthesizers on tracks which are supposed to be from 1970.

This is one of them, I hope you like it.

Recording was done on a TASCAM MSR-24, 1" 24-track recorder. The song uses 13 tracks. While this is more than the 8 which the original version used it still fits the period (16-track being available as of 1968).

The song was made from the original MIDI file, and the vocals and sound clips were dubbed in from the 2007 master tape since I felt they were good enough not to need redoing. I did however use an alternate take of one line, again taken from the 2007 master tape.

I added bass and drums which were not in the original version. The drums were recorded onto two mono channels, with the crash and snare being fed through a Revox B77 tape deck to give it a 1970-sounding echo. The panning is also a bit 1968 as well - this is deliberate.

Instruments used included:

Korg Triton (piano, drums)

Hammond XM-1 organ

Manikin Memotron (flutes, strings, choir, tape organ at end)

Moog Minimoog (Voyager)

Epiphone Thunderbird Gothic bass

Mixed to a Studer A807 on SM900 tape

Guest vocals from the DMFA Radio Project: James Starrunner as Dan, his sister as... his sister, and Catherine Willington as Mab.


His name is Daniel Ti'Fiona

His mother was a succubus

And when he found her genes had carried

He didn't view that as a plus

His parents never got to tell him

They left him when he was a child

And when he found he was a demon

That was the last day that he smiled.

What did Daniel think he was?

He should have worked it out because

He lost the need to sleep and eat

The price of power is far from sweet

He didn't know he was a Creature

He thought his wings were just for show

And now he knows he's not a Being

It left him really feeling low

He's got the power to read your feelings

He's got the power to steal your soul

But powers come with heavy burdens

He's frightened he might lose control

And now his life will change because

He's just discovered what he was

He thought he was a normal guy

But really he's a 'cubi

Perhaps he thought he was an Angel

His wings are feathered as should be

He didn't have a 'cubi clanmark

Or any place that he could see

His name is Daniel Ti'fiona

His mother was a succubus

And now he knows that he's a 'cubi

No point in kicking up a fuss

And now his life has changed because

He's come to terms with what he was

Of all the things we can't escape

We have no fate but what we make

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