Clan Daryil a thousand years ago by tapewolf

Clan Daryil a thousand years ago


6 March 2017 at 16:33:29 MST

More closeups from the comic, I'm afraid.

This time it's a peek into Daryil's Clan about a thousand years earlier. Most of the characters we know and love haven't been born yet, but you can see some of their ancestors, including Josef Svensohn who met an unfortunate end as shown in 'Heads you lose'.
For that matter, most of the people here met an unfortunate end - I think there's only about three of them who are verifiably alive and kicking. Furrae can be a nasty and brutal world, especially if you have wings on your head.

This was drawn and coloured by merlin_the_bruce, though I have done some colour correction since the trees were strangely washed out in the original.

The full page with captions is here:

"...I am not making these decisions lightly. I am making them because I can smell the winds of change on the horizon. Right now, many of us treat Beings like a disposable resource to be used up and then destroyed. That can't continue forever.
"Beings are already growing more powerful and they will only continue to do so. mark my words, some day within our own lifespans, they will Organize, and when that happens, a lot of Creatures are going to have to choose which side they are on.
"I think that the winning side is going to be the Beings, so I want us to be on that side too, whether they call us their allies or regard us as harmless cranks..."

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