Epsilon Project ch8 p8 details by tapewolf

Epsilon Project ch8 p8 details


29 November 2015 at 09:22:48 MST

"When I was a puppy, he told me tales of the golden ages before the Dragon Wars, all the brave deeds of Jyraneth's Raiders and the executions Johan Cross did!"

Here's the background from The Epsilon Project, chapter 8, page 8. Normally I just get the lines and colour them myself, on this occasion, since Richard is mentioning the golden age of the 'Cubi race, Merlin sent me a rather nice backdrop to go with it, based in part on this page from DMFA: http://missmab.com/Comics/Vol_1582.php ...also about the golden age of the 'cubi race.

Anyway, the background in our comic was obliterated by the text, and also by Richard himself, so I decided to post the original version. Likewise, I spent ages colouring in some background characters and they got covered up as well, so I've included that too.

I have to wonder how much static Sheila builds up thanks to her rather alluring PVC and latex outfit brushing against her fur. Richard, with his gloves and pants isn't going to fare much better.

Lines and the background in the first panel were done by Merlin, the rest was coloured by me.
The final version, with text and more Richard is available here: http://projectfuturecomic.com/epsilon.php?strip=08-08

I think this is the first time Keaton has appeared in the Epsilon Project. A while left to go before she turns up properly, though...