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Tankaa Clothing Reference by Tankaa

Tankaa Clothing Reference


9 August 2014 at 17:08:36 MDT

Street Clothes: Standard early information-age clothing, composed of various natural fibers and synthetics. Some say that the vest is a Columbia Catherdral Peak fleece vest, others differ in opinion.

D6C MDES: Late-model spacesuit combining characteristics of the G4C, G5C, and more modern hardware. Tankaa's job with Salvage Corp. didn't involve much EVA work. There's also an EVO Hostile Environment Living suit, but Tankaa finds it somewhat humiliating to wear when not at work.

Studded Leather Armor: Tankaa's armor of choice for Missions to Fantasyland. Hardened leather with metal studs over a quilted cloth gambeson. It's not as durable as Ori's full plate or glorified munition armor, but it is much easier to move in.

Armored coverall/jacket: Fine Ares armored clothing for the discerning customer...or the rougher parts of Black Rock, or Aquila City. Unlike Ori, Tankaa just doesn't look good in a duster.

Much like its companion piece, it was one of those many things that spent the summer on the backburner. I had the redlines finished ages ago, but didn't make any progress on it until last weekend.

Artwork, Tankaa © of me

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    I like the street clothes and armored jacket looks. :)

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      Thanks. Those turned out to be the best of the batch, although I like the armor too.

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        Yeah, the armor is nice, too, though I feel that looks a bit medieval.

        You're welcome. :)