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Holiday Lasertag 2013 - Red Team by Tankaa

Holiday Lasertag 2013 - Red Team


For :XavierMaldonadoicon:, :Zaelgolinicon:, :therizinosaurphaseicon:, :d3vinsawhogicon:, and :Thunderwyvernicon:

(Green Team will be posted tomorrow)

Photron Quest @ Black Rock

Red Team

Featuring Xavier Maldonado (Maldonian), Zaelgolin Dragon (Dragon), Theron Vitae (Therizinosaurus), Yik Saiph (Aquatic kobold), Mast Nuocerious (Tylosaurus), Tankaa Kumawani (Pliosaur)

Lacking good ideas for a more conventional holiday party, Tankaa and Ori decided to scrape together a pair of lasertag teams to party their way through the latter part of Agnostica. After this, everyone will go to Misato's Diner for dinner, then come back for a few rounds in the simulators. (Tankaa's been batting around a concept based off of OGRE due to his annoyance with the Gigantic Monster Combat fandom, the fun of Live Action Miniature Wargaming, and a possible mission contract. He really wants to see if the ruleset he's been talking about with a few other flustered individuals will work...)

I haven't done a good group shot in ages, and lasertag seemed like the best option for drawing a group of characters. I do wish I had done a few more action shorts or squeezed in one more person on each team, but hey, I'll do that next year if I don't come up with any other new, exciting ideas. (Or get the Terminal Mall and/or shot together.)

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