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After Hours by Tankaa

After Hours


Or: "An Experience, A Word, A Dangerously Close Truncheon"

Giftart for Draco-Rex and due to an early bird cameo Zapydos2

Eddie Barth: "You're not getting away this time, punk. I know you worked for Dee, and you could have warned me and Darsk about the test, but no, you let that chiphead lizard and that rat lady humiliate us! You're going down, quuxface."

Tankaa Kumawani: "Hey, we can be reasonable about this. I didn't know they'd use you! No need to bring out the, kipple."

Halfrid Kerman: "What part about 'No Fighting On These Premises' do you two dorks not understand. Get. Out. Of. Here. Also, Cheesebrain, you security types aren't supposed to go picking fights. Oh wait, it's Black Rock, where law breaks you...just...try not to smash my cash register, okay?

Gwen Schauenberg: "Ugh. Control, do I really have to save that blue putz from Officer Jackboots over there?"

Narrator: "Then...hilarity ensued."

Tankaa shouldn't have moved to the port at Black Rock. It was a Bad Idea. The place really isn't suited to him, and it made an encounter with everyone's favorite blue-and-yellow space dragon inevitable. At least he hasn't ended up in the arena...or had dinner at Misato's. The less said about the food there, the better. Whatever you do, don't touch the orange drink there. It most certainly isn't Tang...

The lighting on this piece of artwork proved to be unusually complex, taking about twice as many layers as I normally use in order to get the right balance of shadow and backlighting. This also counts as the first KSP fanart I decided to finish. The eyelids are a bit off-model, but they do make it much easier to convey facial expressions. In addition, I'm not sure why I like using the occasional piece of Yiddish. (I blame Rocket Slime's Plob.)

Tankaa, Artwork © of me

Gwen, Azoreans © of Zapydos2

Kerbals, Jebediah © of Squad

Gorgonzola and Black Rock © of Rick Ungar

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