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Tankaa Reference 2019 Edition by Tankaa

Tankaa Reference 2019 Edition


24 February 2019 at 12:41:41 MST

Character Theme: Bellemaison - "Wind of Electron"

Name: Tankaa Kumawani
Nickname: "Stumpy"
Species: Anthropomorphic Pliosaur
Eye Color: Dark brown irises with a small amount of yellowish sclera
Eye Type: Round pupils
Skin Color: Dark blue, with a light blue ventral side and purplish dorsal side.
Skin Texture: Scale-less skin, similar to a cetecean's, but with more wrinkles around the joints.
Height: 6'2" (1.89m)
Weight: Approx 190lb (87 kg) (volumetric measurements pending)

Physical Description:
Before you stands a slim broad-headed humanoid reptile with powerful jaws and nostrils placed high on his snout. Like many uplifts, he has mixed dentition that allows for a limited omnivorous diet. He's taller than the average baseline or nearbaseline human. Tankaa's extremities sport five clawed digits. He also possesses a stumpy tail with a cartiliginous vertical fluke.

His hide is smooth, leathery skin instead of scales, and has wrinkles and folds around his joints to allow for movement. As Tankaa is derived from a species of marine reptile with an analog of the mammalian placenta, he does have a navel. Contrary to some more humorous images, Tankaa lacks sweat glands and has to dissipate excess heat by panting.

Tankaa is a manic-depressive ineffectual gearhead with a mild to moderate social phobia, but what else could he be. The sea monster at least has a talent for synthesizing good ideas from the information and trivia he's been exposed to...sometimes. He's a pacifist at heart, even if military technology enthralls him. Try as they might, Tankaa still gets pulled into dumb furry antics from time to time as a bystander. However, Tankaa is from a world where the lights have to stay on and consumer goods must flow from Orinoco Corporation fulfillment center autofacs (not to mention a strong self-preservation instinct), so there's a limit to "real world" craziness he's willing to deal with.

Known Backstory:
Tankaa was born in Aquila City on Arth, a remote midworld. His parents were a doctor and a journalist, and he has a younger sister attempting to become an actuary. He had to work his way through postgraduate education to have much of a chance at leaving his recently-recontacted homeworld, and bounced between contracts in the Known Volume after having a breakdown at his original job. As of time of writing, he's been on Basic Income in some random hab for the past five months, preparing for a board certification exam and trying to keep things together...

Operational History:
-Has an advanced certification in recreational diving.
-Has a bachelor's degree in physics, and a master's degree in electrical engineering
-Currently a Journeyman Engineer.
-Former PremierPower employee.
-Former Encom Power Products contract employee.

This was a desperately needed replacement for overweight and ill-proportioned version of Tankaa from the 2014 reference sheet, which represented an intermediate phase between the somewhat-embarrassing "kaijusaur era" and the current artwork. It was hard to be sure of how much of my self I wanted to have in my primary character, and the end result of that is Ori's prominence since he's a bit easier to take risks with. I know Tankaa's anatomy is overly human, he's intended as a partial character and I would prefer my reference sheet to at least bear some resemblance to the actual person on the con hall floor.

Artwork, Character, Setting © of me

"Can I put some clothes on now? I'm cold..." "Next picture. We'll let you wear all the clothes, too."

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