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Ankaa's Hydralisk - Draft by Tankaa

Ankaa's Hydralisk - Draft


For Wooper

DFRC-10 Insectoid Type
Zerg Hydralisk "Sara"

Dak probably threw a major wobbler upon seeing this in the Claw's cargo bay. We shipped a load of freight for Beyond Worlds Entertainment Ltd. and they gave Ankaa a discounted spare unit that wasn't supposed to be in the order...maybe the plush one would have been a better option. Sure, it's cute from a distance and it's just an overgrown pooltoy, but it's a giant man-eating bug!

For those of you who haven't looked through my gallery or never paid attention, this is an example of a Deployable Flexible Robot Chassis (DFRC). These inflatable robots are made out of the same class of metamaterials used in quick-donning mechanical counterpressure space suits. Gecko pads were added to allow the bot to grasp things without having proper fingers. They aren't supposed to look quite as cuddly as they do in my art, it's kind of a side effect of making sure they won't be mistaken for real creatures in my style.

These things are just too fun to draw, even when I don't really want to draw them. This will see color.

Artwork, DFRC series © of me
Ankaa © of Wooper
Rogue Claw setting and characters © of Tank50us
Hydralisk, Zerg © of Blizzard

"NO! You are not allowed to have a giant inflatable bug monster that spits riot control goo! GET! IT!! OUT OF MY SHIP!!!"

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