ATM-09-MC Rampage Dog by Tankaa

ATM-09-MC Rampage Dog


30 May 2017 at 09:50:26 MDT

For Abarewanko

ATM-09-MC "Rampage Dog"
Scopedog Makami Custom

This modified Scopedog is equipped with the GAT-50 50mm low pressure howitzer (often referred to as a shotgun) and a masa-kari or ono (Japanese bearded axe). The utility of a bearded axe against other ATs is questionable, although it could probably be used to pull down a shield or disarm opponents allowing for an Arm Punch follow-up. That's probably only useful in Battling matches, though...

I prefer the ATH-06 Beetle family and B-ATM-02 "Blocker" to the ATM-09 Scopedog, but it's all a matter of personal opinion. Yes, 50mm is roughly equivalent to an A-gauge punt gun. About half the cartridges I looked at were entirely metallic, the rest had brass bases and paper bodies.

The lack of a hand-drawn background comes down to a planning failure on my part, I originally intended just to have it on a gray backdrop but it just seemed so dull, and the deserts were done to death

Artwork © of me
Makami © of Abarewanko
Votoms © of Sunrise Inc.
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    I had a model kit of one of these when I was little. Had no idea what it was from (we were in the middle of no where and appart from Robotech and Astroboy, anime wasn't really anything anyone knew)

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      Yeah, VOTOMS is the obscure Real Robot series.

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    I like the whole idea of these things being both so destructive and fragile in VOTOMS, like a single person IFV. Could imagine an axe like that being useful for preparing positions or ambushes in woodland. Can't underestimate the usefulness of a simple engineering tool, though I'd imagine the shaft being something else than wood.

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      Probably a bit too fragile, the only thing I can think of with hydraulic fluid that flammable would be the Magach (M48 Patton derivative) in its earlier years...the IDF apparently referred to it as a "charred bodies carrier" due to its vulnerable hydraulic lines. I think of ATs as being roughly similar to a Wiesel AWC in terms of armament and crew protection. Well, okay, the AWC probably has spall liners and a better compartment fire extinguishing system. (The ATM-08-MC Spending Wolf apparently had better cabin protection and a built-in extinguishing system, but it was an expensive prototype.)

      Yeah, I ended up editing the haft. I had a suitably-sized trifold spade with pick for the Metal Frames...