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After Hours - Draft by Tankaa

After Hours - Draft


For Draco-Rex and also Zapydos2

An unheard-of Double Feature. With a background! What does this mean?

Tankaa isn't the only one with rodent-related problems. Unfortunately, it appears that the rodent-related problem one escaped from...became the other one's issue. It sure wasn't Martian motorcycle enthusiasts this time, that's for sure. It was a rat whose...wondrous inventions...could have been less...disturbing.

Gorgonzola was among the unpaid interns who got used as test fodder (har har) for the MVRS units ordered for use onboard vessels owned and operated by Borusa's Barbarians. Tankaa was mentioned as being responsible for the redesign work on the Borusa Custom models prior to his resignation, and one evening, his dinner at Jeb's was interrupted by a blue and very angry space dragonthing. (The mosasaur already complained at him a few hours earlier, but it was less adversarial and more full of commiseration.) The Kerbal at the counter does *not* want a fight on the premises, and a female Azorean A (a Neoclass cyborg) in a longcoat who might end up extracting our unlucky friend if things go sour...

And yes, in this universe, Gorgonzola wears pants, Jebediah Kerman runs a chain of diners in addition to his scrap business and career as an kerbonaut, and the Azorean a decided to buy the same style of longcoat Teitania da Montewells did.

Tankaa, artwork © of me

Azorean a species © of Zapydos2

Kerbals © of Squad

Gorgonzola © of Rick Ungar

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    Two in one day? That's unusual. The guy sitting at the counter resembles Borusa a lot.

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      That's Tankaa, strangely enough. He can grow hair, it's just an undocumented feature.