Lagiacrus (Ultra-Flavored) by Tankaa

Lagiacrus (Ultra-Flavored)


31 August 2016 at 05:16:04 MDT

Ultramonster Hunterman - Lagiacrus

[Clip: Aerial view of Moga Village from a Guild airship, transitioning to a scruffy industrial port viewed from a Guild flying boat, to a gritty early Information Age city viewed from a Beriev A-60.]

VO: Moga City. What was once a set of sheds on glorified pontoon bridges best known for a tiny Hunter's Guild office and trading post has blossomed into a midsized industrial port city. Warehouses, townhouses, and small factories stand where there was only a dirt farm and a smithy. Humans and Lynians labor in the mills and ports. Trawlers bring their catch back to the shore. Where great beasts of yore once roamed, constructs of steel scratch a living out in quarries and tree plantations. A lot of things can change in a century, between mechanization and the rediscovery of techniques once thought lost.

[Clip: Stadium, with a cheering crowd at a Moga Sea Dogs game.]

VO: One night, something made landfall and trashed the port facilities during a Moga Sea Dogs football game.

[Clip: Monster lumbering through burning port infrastructure, eyes glimmering coldly, a dark shadow amidst smoke.]

VO: The leviathan was large, blue, and crackled with electricity. We're not sure why it turned up, maybe it was hungry, maybe the noise of the port irritated it, maybe the offal from the fish market smelled too good to pass up.

[Clip: Old Hunter turned naturalist in office.]

Veteran Hunter: "It's been decades since we've encountered things on this scale, we kind of kicked the trophic pyramid right out from under the old megafauna that we didn't carve up for parts..."

[Clip: Felyne and human soldiers marshalling late-model light tanks and APCs.]

VO: Will our brave hunters and the Palico Battalion be able to stop the rampaging monster (or even convince it to go away)? Tune in next week for hot antisubmarine warfare action.

[Clip: Patrol seaplanes flying in formation and dropping sonobuoys, as a hydrofoil corvette makes a sweeping turn in the ocean below.]

Felyne: "Tsunami of Terror! Moga City in the crosshairs, nya!"
Guildmarm: "Plenty of service next time too."

Most big-name monsters from Monster Hunter are probably portrayed as bipeds in this series due to the limitations of fight choreography for quadsuits. It's probably a bit more exciting to see judo, aikido, and showy beam attacks with bipeds, not to mention that it's easier to make them tower over even the best hardware the Hunter's Guild can field.

This would be a fun costume idea, it would be nice and lithe compared to my usual work, and it would probably be good for a joke at G-Fest involving their monster due to the vague physical resemblance...

(We're pretty sure this is a male Lagiacrus. The shoulders and hips aren't right for a female. -Ed)

Artwork © of me
Lagiacrus, Monster Hunter © of Capcom
Moga Sea Dogs © of :devbleached-ink:

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