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Natatorium Fangirl by Tankaa

Natatorium Fangirl


16 June 2015 at 18:58:14 MDT

After a surprisingly long delay, it's done!
For lio-plural-don

Fangirls with Shipping Goggles are a terrifying thing. All Tankaa wanted to do was spend an afternoon at the Panel Six Recreational Area natatorium, but everything just had to collide at once. Colin thinks that this is hilarious. Tankaa is having none of this.

Yes, it's that Lagiacrus, one of the Wayward Wyverns that used to serve as targets and enemies in Monster Hunter Live G. She and her companions were "freed" by the misguided efforts of the Sentient Engine Liberation Front, a somewhat extreme vec rights group. Past liberations have included small appliances, a handful of cars, a dinosaur exhibition, and a smart bomb. (Oh Cretaceous Planet, how brief your existence was...)

I'm not so happy with the background on this, and it feels like there's a lot of wasted space on the right side of the image. 16:9 is still a bit unnatural as far as my workflow is concerned. Oh well, I'm still getting back to the swing of things.

Artwork, Tankaa © of me
Colin © of lio-plural-don

Lagiacrus, Monster Hunter © of Capcom

What's a natatorium? Check your local university.

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