Always Remembering Under the Morning Star by Tank50us (critique requested)

Always Remembering Under the Morning Star (critique requested)


7 January 2013 at 11:01:11 MST

Commission for animeakia on DA

This is Iraina Kappal, doing what she's been doing for the last 12 years since her mate passed away. Looking towards the morning star, while taking in the mountain air of the Southern French Alps. The year is 1200AD, long before AGR created their own versions of the Hybrids. Iraina has one son, who she's had to raise on her own. Originally from the Nordic regions, she met her mate at a pairing, and it was love at first sight. He was only a fisherman, but he treated her like a queen. Not long after marriage, and the news that they were going to have a child, he contracted tuberculosis, and would soon die from the disease. Her village did not take to kindly to the event, and many looked at her with distaste, as if she had killed him on purpose.

As he laid on his death bed, she pleaded with the gods to not take him, to let him see their child. She found new strength, and came to grips when he wiped away her tears, and smiled at her. He couldn't speak, but the action was enough. And he died shortly afterwards.

She soon moved to a city that was tucked into the Alps. Untouched, and unaffected by the extremes of the Holy Roman Empire, where her kind, and human kind could live together without conflict. With the help of the local banker, she built the Castle Inn, a five-story stone Inn that towered over every other building in the area. Three of the floors are rooms for guests, while the top floor is reserved for her, and her son, while the ground floor is a tavern.

Every morning, for about a half hour, she stands on her balcony, and looks towards the morning star, holding a Alpine Wild Flower to remember her late husband, who gave her one when they first met. She stands until she feels something come to her, and give her the strength she needs for the day. She knows her husband is still with her, and will always be with her.

Story and art by me

Iraina Kappal copyright animeakia on DA

With some help from pegasus316 on DA

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