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New big drawing by talpimado1988

New big drawing


This was a random gift for my new mate Eddy
In the digital and traditional arts i made my finals in those styles. I not have ideas how to improve in them, and totally random comes in idea this to try for make arts like this. Well kinda this is mostly in traditional art still, but with a little screw to make arts in A/3-s paper, and this was my first work like this. I drawed this before know this type of paper properties. Eddy character made with colored pencils, and it was hard to color it in this paper because the paper is not a normally drawing paper. And that why around Eddy character have some grey things since the eraser made a little problems there. I use really long time i use the best coloring pencils: ( Faber-Castell) this type of pencils is my favorites. But in this paper it's not good. Because of that i made my character i made it with black felt pen and with colored felt pens and needle felt pens.
In the future i would make more big drawings like this but i will make them felt pens or maybe i would try out the paintings with tick brushes. ;-)

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