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Ticklish feet bound by talpimado1988

Ticklish feet bound


They the characters of a Ravensburger game :-)\_Ixg2go

in my childhood I seen this game in the a big toy shop, and I liked the monkey's beauty soles :P

but, unfortunately My parents did not want to buy this game for me :-(

AND, A miracle happened recently :3 I found this game on a market, and I buy it now ^_^


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    i like this one better than digital... both are good actually

    but i prefered how this one look ^^

    nicely done

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      aww, Thanks friend :-)

      So, You like the Monkey's ticklish feet? :-PP

      and, I like also ur drawings, and ur character nice :3 I would like licking ur character soles :-)))

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        i like the monkey soles but i´m not into ticklish.... i prefer to lick them... but it that produce ticklish... well that is something i won´t be able to control ^^