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Sky pirates by talpimado1988

Sky pirates


28 October 2020 at 08:00:52 MDT

This is a random gift drawing I made for a older guy on FA. because I love it the Steampunk style :) & Inspired me this video as well.... :P

but, The guy didn't like my work because he thinks that I very of emphasizing foot fetish content. :/ I'm a little sad because approx. It was 2 weeks, I was done with this drawing.
and, here is my answer I sent to the guy yesterday in private message. ^^

" You don't have to look at the picture from a fetish perspective ^^

The dino guy were tired, so he relaxes his feet.

He is also barefoot in this picture. :D .... www furaffinity net/view/26860449/ .... so, not necessary have to look at the picture from a fetish perspective : )

Not everything represents fetish just because the character is barefoot. ^^
but, I well aware, that anthro characters who are barefoot in the pictures are much more popular.

so, I didn't want to be disrespectful to you but I hope you like my drawing anyway. ^^ For a week, I only drew those bare feet to be beautiful. ^.^ "

I think the guy overreacted to the thing, but write down your opinions too. ;-)

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