Kevin the Reptilian by talpimado1988

Kevin the Reptilian


16 September 2017 at 04:51:39 MDT

  1. morning stretch
  2. sleep
  3. going to work
  4. sit on tree
  5. in stocks
  6. massage ( I like it very much if my heels somebody gives it a hard massage )
  7. tied up
  8. in Flip Flops

( some favourite positions with my feet )

that is He Kevin.
& he my new anthro character.
but, I keep my old character as well. (Patrik the Dragon)

and, "Talpimado" - this just a (fetish)nickname of mine. ^^ but this is not the name of my

characters. ^^"

All of them you are very kind that thus call me: "Talpy,Mr.Talp,Talp-chan" etc. ^^
but, rather use this names: Patrik (He dragon) or Kevin (He the Lizard)

Description of Kevin: -He a lizard & he amphibian. He feels well on the land, but He favourite the life of water.

Gender: Male

  • He likes swimming very much in the forest lakes and mine lakes. :3
  • His ability: electric power

Reference sheet: