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Gideon's punishment by talpimado1988

Gideon's punishment


This scene a alternative story that Judy get back the tickets :-)

After Gideon took away the tickets from the children, thereafter He sat down to sleep.
Gideon up puts his feet onto the tire, because comfortable for him to sleep so.
Judy noticed it that Gideon sleeps and she tried to take away the tickets from him, but this did not succeed. ^^

thus Judy found a feather and she started tickling the boy sensitive paws with the feather. :3
Gideon wake up and started laughing aloud :3 poor boy's feet get stuck in the tire.
Judy tell it him that she doesn't stop the tickling till then, as long as she doesn't get back the tickets.

/Judy about an hour ago tickles the boy already. & The boy cannot tolerate the torture already for a long time./ ;-)

& ( Sorry I cannot speak well in English ^^" I hope so that I write correctly everything. )