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28 November 2012 at 18:02:11 MST

This is a rough draft of my birds environment for the game

Basically the Catfolk and the Humans control the cities and have pushed the Birdyguys out because they're weak babbies

and forced them to live in crappy housing slapped on the side of cliffs outside the cities

I meant for them to be piled on top of eachother and look really uncomfortable to live in, that didn't work out, NEXT TIME. Look up Italian Cliff side Villages, that's pretty much what I want to go for! (didn't know til after I finished this draft)

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    Nice, it looks much more 'dangerous' then uncomfortable l3 kinda like they just slap dashed building to plywood structures everywhere. What if you had a few more buildings on top? make it look more crowded there since there isn't much place to put buildings into the cliffside? (random suggestion)

    ALSO. I like the houses, designed after literal bird housings?

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      Thanks for the thoughtful comments!

      I did like t

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        oops! accidental enter

        I did like the danger aspect, it was intentional, I did want both though.

        Good suggestion, I will think about doing it, before I redesign the whole thing.

        And yes! they are modeled after bird houses.