Beetles Beetles by Takoto

Beetles Beetles


1 October 2018 at 15:00:14 MDT

I wanted a new banner image for my twitter, which I don't think I've ever changed... so I decided to draw a bunch of beetles because I love them a whole lot. The sun beetle is based off of one of my own sun beetles <: Out of the beetles on this list, I've also raised Atlas beetles! 

Please note that none of these beetles are in scale! 

Beetles featured; Sun Beetle [Pachnoda Marginata], Eastern Hercules Beetle [Dynastes tityus], Goliath Beetle [Goliathus goliatus], Mecynorrhina torquata ugandensis, Atlas Beetle [ Chalcosoma atlas ], Protaetia speciosa cyanochlora, Rhomborhina splendida, Blue Pleasing Fungus Beetle [ Gibbifer californicus ], Campsosternus mirabilis, Lamprima adolphinae , Eupatorus gracilicornis,  Callidium violaceum , Lilioceris merdigera , Seven Spotted Ladybug [ Coccinella septempunctata ] , Catamerus revoili intermedius, and Lucanus maculifemoratus.

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