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Foxy Bound Time (Tip Jar) Part 1/4 by Tails230

Foxy Bound Time (Tip Jar) Part 1/4


19 January 2015 at 10:50:07 MST

Welcome folks! Today, we have two test subjects! Vixen the female Fox, and Fox the Male Fox. They have both volunteered to become test subjects for our latest testing!
Our goal here is to collecting the funding to have these two prepped up and presented to the public to what our viewers desire.

There are three categories.

Depending on the money our viewers donate, that will determine their outfits through the procedures, and what they favor while bounding up the two vulpine.

The money that is donated would be greatly appreciated as owner doesn’t have any funds at all to fund the project (I blame the economy. Impossible to find a job.)
So any donations would be greatly appreciated! :3

How to Donate:
Send your payments to ‘tails__230[at]’

-The payment method is via PayPal Only.
-All currencies will be counted as USD. (Its easier)
-It’s preferable if you keep cents out of your donations, to help calculate better.
-When you donate, please provide me with a Comment on what you want. (You can also send me the message on a Private or Paypal Message if you wish to remain anonymous)
-You will need to tell me how much you’re donating to a topic, which character and which topic.

-Vixen ( Gray Female Fox)
-Fox (Black Male Fox)


Example- ‘I want to donate $5 to Vixen for Latex.’

You can also donated to multiple characters and topics by your donated money to the ones you desire.

Depending on how much money is donated to our foxes and which topics, they will be wearing what donators paid for. There are milestones for them also, so the more money, the more of what topic is chosen. (Example: More money on cuff = Limb cuffs and extra types of cuffs.)
Mixing the topics could bring some new and exciting bonuses to them. The results could be different every time!

This will update every 4 Days, after 4 pictures of them.
After 4 pictures of these, there will another event going on with our foxes that I will provide at the end of the 4th picture, which I will keep as a surprise!

Happy donating, and once again, thank you!

This idea was inspired by CandyFoxy’s Donation:

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