[OPEN] Taking 1 Sergal Drawing Request by Tails

[OPEN] Taking 1 Sergal Drawing Request


24 November 2017 at 17:27:20 MST

My sergal Yuki doesn't have any sergal friends yet, so I decided to do a request where I draw someone else's sergal doing something with Yuki! I will only do one of these at the moment. I felt like this would be a great way to practice my sergals but also getting Yuki a friend!

The details:
-Sergals only!
-Comment below with a FULL BODY, DIGITAL, COLORED reference with no shading! (Slight shading is okay as long as the colors are pickable)
-Tell me what you would like Yuki and your sergal to be doing together!
-I will pick one person from the comments that gives an idea that i'd like to draw the most at this time
-Drawing will be full body. It MIGHT be shaded

Important stuffs:
-Please, do not rush me to finish the drawing. It is being done for free and i'm a very busy University student that has exams coming up
-Do not edit the drawing
-Do not remove my signature
-Please credit me if you decide to post this anywhere. Link back to my FA or DeviantArt page
-Must give SFW ideas
-Don't claim my sergal as your own

My TOS goes with this as well.

Thanks for reading!

Art and character (c) me

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