Club Nimbus - Nature and Outdoor Sprites by tacoma

Club Nimbus - Nature and Outdoor Sprites


4 March 2019 at 22:25:30 MST

More sprites from my Furcadia dream, Club Nimbus - furc://clubnimbus:islesofnimbaterra

The art in Club Nimbus was a massive solo project that I worked on very slowly over the years. The plants, trees and outdoor items are among the oldest sprites in the dream. Lots of these objects were made toward the end of 2004 and 2005 back when I was still very much a pixel novice. When it was time to bring the dream back to furcadia around 2009 or so, I found it to be a better use of my time to dig up the old sprites and polish them up instead of creating all new things. The cliff and bridge pieces are the most recent additions, from around 2014.

I do take commissions for pixel art so if you'd like something custom made for furcadia, your own game or any other place where sprites can be used, check out my commissions page and send me a message!