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TabbyTim Standing in Color by TabbyTim

TabbyTim Standing in Color


16 July 2013 at 20:57:42 MDT

Second photoshop lineart/coloring attempt, done in part with a new Wacom tablet. Came out pretty well :D

This is a rough idea of my fursona as a reference. Skinny, slightly bigger than a housecat, fur patterns close to the ones shown (symbol in the back will probably change with further drawings).

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    not bad, for someone who just started drawing not too long ago! If you keep improving so exponentially, you'll surpass my abilities in like two months XD

    the eyes are especially nice.

    keep it up ~

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    oh, sorry, critique (if you want it): the biggest thing that doesn't work is the texture of the fur. It looks more like sand than fur. I would put in a base coat color, then brush the rest of the colors in by hand rather than trying to use some kind of texture brush or spraying tool. Also, the poor cat needs a chin XD

    aren't wacoms fun ~~ I still have my old Intuos3 that my parents bought me when I was in high school <3

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      Thanks Gyp! I do really like the tablet, it's so much easier than drawing with a mouse :)

      And thanks for the critique! I think I had been working on it so long I forgot about the chin or any kind of depth with the muzzle XD And yea, the brown layer does look a bit sandpaper-y, what do you mean about brushing the rest of the colors in by hand? Do you mean just using the brush tool without that sort of textured effect (0% hardness + Dissolve setting)?

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        right.... you want to draw the pattern in manually rather than just coating the entire base color with brown... I would draw the fur in, and if it looks too weird you can smudge it into a fur-like consistency (kind of like the fur in an old pic of mine: -- you actually draw the individual hairs in various colors and then smudge them into the base color... it's something that takes practice, but yeah, imagine trying to add the colors with crayons or paints or something. you have to do it all manually rather than spraying it--because spraying it is what makes it look like sand.

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          Sorry for the late response, but thanks for this tip. That does look more challenging but the result is really pretty, so I'll work on that on some of my future tries