Kryptus and Taala by taala

Kryptus and Taala


21 January 2014 at 03:10:22 MST

Woohoo! Another lovely personal art! This one is of my two OCs Kryptus and Taala having a lovey-dovey couple moment. It's my first time experimenting with coloured lineart and my word I freaking love it!

Also, I love Sai for abstract backgrounds now! Such lovely textures ~w~

Now to try and catch up with my commission backlog - derp XP

And if anyone would like to know Taala's new theme song --> TAALA'S SONG Do click the link right there! Credit to Ghorthalon on Soundcloud (a friend on Dragon's Inn). Thanks for giving me this lovely and inspiring song for Taala! >w< ~