Hotel Lobby by taala

Hotel Lobby


21 January 2014 at 03:09:40 MST

Oh my gosh dies of exhaustion allow me to FINALLY present one of the biggest commissions I've done @~@; - out of 3 big ones I've got on my list. It took....HOURS but it's finally done.

I have to say thanks to my mate and fiancée   disquietingthomas for helping me, and drew such lovely pencil work on the background. I drew the characters of course but the lamp, chest, couch etc. I had him help out with. Thanks again love! >w<

This beast is for   zuflux with his mate Ravyn (the black jackal gal). This is the two of them enjoying a peaceful moment in the Dragon's Inn

You can see Taala in the bg~ alongside her mate Kryptus (an OC of mine) as well as this Battle Viveka just peaking out as a painting on the wall :3. The grey dragon behind the desk is Mo belonging to   ingwie2000 who is the creator of the RP site Dragon's Inn.

I tried out some new soft shading techniques as well as experimenting with lighting. This is a commission that wanted everything I had to offer at once - and this is the result. Enjoy~ uwu

Now lemme go back and do this for 2 more commissions "OTL
I'm dying ;^;