Doodle Drive - 1 by taala

Doodle Drive - 1


27 September 2018 at 23:32:05 MDT

Thanks to these lovely people, I was able to host a local furmeet (and general meet, not all attendees are furries!) in my area, and it was a major success!

The Artsy Crafty Dragon's Tea Parties is a local Auckland based Creative Young Adult Get-Togethers in a secure and private Venue. This creates a safe space for ALL, including LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, furries, DnD/LARP players, nerds/geeks etc.

I was able to book the venue and provide hot drinks and such! Of course, some of it comes from my pocket, but these donations mean I can make these meet ups happen more often!

Doodle Drives of mine is you can donate ANY amount basically (min $1NZD - max. $10NZD) and I'll doodle your character for you and deliver the art on the livestream. All money collected this way goes towards making the meet ups happen, and on special occasions, towards local charities (these are usually themed, and I'm looking forward to doing my Halloween one!!)

And everything is an open book, I record in a spreadsheet all donations and expenses for anyone curious to how much it costs to put a meet up like this together.

So yeah, this is how I want to start connection people together, and every donation helps! So thank you all again for such support!

Art © taala
Characters © Top 2: SorenPenguin, Bottom 2: Nagahla & Baz Most Right: Zeek

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