"Friendly Al" by Synoiren

"Friendly Al"


8 August 2015 at 11:15:42 MDT

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"Don't be afraid, my dear patient. I am very precise, so you don't need anesthesia." — Friendly Al

Since being free from his contract with Garrosh, Alzheil does all kinds of things besides assassinations and bounty hunting. One of his most profitable businesses is underground surgery. In this world he takes the identity of Friendly Al, a mysterious, skilled surgeon and engineer who performs all kinds of surgery and provides mechanical augmentations and bionic implants to replace lost limbs. And of course he counts with the assistance of his alchemist, the enigmatic Sidalja, under the nickname Sid. Both of them highly wanted criminals making money off of other criminal authors and bounty hunters who may even be after their heads.

I started this at the beginning of the year but I finally got the opportunity to finish it. I'm actually very, very proud of it. Specially love how the goggles came out. And all the folds. Ughh! xD It may not be perfect but I'm still proud of how it came out. It's probably one of my best pieces yet! Even the background, through simplistic, its one that I like very much how it goes with the drawing. :D

Character and artwork © Synoiren Synoiren
Blood Elf race, headgear design © Blizzard