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The Pitiful Children Animatic by Syn-Cypher

The Pitiful Children Animatic


Pff with a title like this, I'd say you guessed it! I made another one! Or second one...of all time. As much as I'd love to say I was happy with this one, I'm actually super frustrated with it, mostly because Camtasia gave me waaaaaay too much grief while I was trying to make shit happen. I also had a busted USB cord for my tablet and that hampered progress for a long time until my new one came in the mail.

All in all, I DID enjoy making it, it's just that life kept interrupting me and shit felt like it took FOREVER and I had to rush this one! (because, lets face it, life likes to sneak shit in there and I confess I'd have never done anything with it if I hadn't just thrown down in my few spare moments lol). I think it also still feels a bit slide-showeeey so, yeaaaah. I know it's only my second one ever and I'll just have to figure out how to art better and how to get Camtasia NOT to futz up the audio but, hahah all that is a fight for another day. I'm perfectly happy to not do any major video editing for at least a few days lol.

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