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The Evil Talks though Steps by Symbolhero

The Evil Talks though Steps


I can say this was one of my great challenges in architecture ^ ^º I never felt this feeling of doubts, troubles and such thing like that. But here you go people, all nice and shine XD

A commission for my friend wolfplot asking me a scene where the Don is dancing with my bunny, Marta. The reason of the title, is because both are evil in their terms heheh, so it´s a good couple for such music called Diablo Rojo by Rodrigo and Gabriela

He also wanted to make a plot for the pic and it goes like this:

Leo´s doing a private party in a hotel of his own in the center of the city. The reason of the party is to make a celebration for his men in work, so after a lot of time of service, the Don wanted to give them a time to get some fun.

But suddenly, Marta enter to the building without being invited, seeking for some people who could be their sponsors (remember Marta is a wrestler along with Taurus). The Don didn´t expected that, but after watching her in the corporal matter, all secured, self confident of herself and the character, he found her interesting. The Don´s men got her presence and they were just about to be ready to take their weapons out if she try anything funny, but Leo said, "Is ok guys, no need to do this, is your party, so enjoy it. And don´t worry of her, she´s my guest making an evil grin

In the great salon, everyone was reunited while the musical group was ready to play few musics to give some sparks to the night. Marta was there, with a beautiful red dress with the rose´s thematic, walking straight to the center, targeting the Don since she think that´s he´s the host of the party, which means a rich guy for her X3c Some gentlemen tried to invite her to dance by holding her hand, but she makes some moves to dodge them just to get close to the Don. Leo was impressed indeed and he understood her intentions, and again he shows an evil and satisfying grin in is face.

Tiring of just looking around, the Don decide to get inside of the group, he walks straight where Marta is. She though that He would invited her to dance, BUT it wasn´t.... The Don walked a side of her, getting closer with a female wolf, who´s the director of the Fine Art´s Institude, a women of high class, and also a good dancer, which is why the Don wanted to test her reputation in the dance XD
She accept his offered and they begin to dance. Apparently, she and the Don has some relation. He was donating for the insitude as her sponsor, just as Marta wanted XD.

After they finished, The Don mad e asight directly to Marta, wondering if she saw that, and yeah she did. He was getting closer to her, all exhausted from the tango he got with the female wolf. He asked her, "So, what do you think?". "Nice nice, for sure, that girl knows how to move." Marta said. " But I would like to show you something impressive, is a shame that you´re tired already."
After hearing that, Leo was interested on her completely: "Hah!" he laught, "why you don´t prove me". Then that´s when Marta accepted, but with one condition, that the Don would be his sponsor in the wrestlings. The Don accepted, but if she want his money, she must earn it. So there you go.

The Don snap in the air, asking to the master of the musical group to play something exhiting and hot, and that´s how the Diablo Rojo started to cover all the salon with its pasionating rhythm, and both Marta and Leo startes to make more sparks until get on fire.

To be continue...?

Ok guys, that´s it. I hope you see this entretaining ^ ^ because I love the results, wolfplots too, Marta and Leo are having their fun too. So everyone is happy XD

Thanks man for this awesome assigment : )

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