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Grass type Rillaboom by Symbolhero

Grass type Rillaboom


For those who haven´t followed me on Twitter I´ve mentioned that after all the news that Pokemon brought up and how some youtubers high light the charm of the games, despite of their weakness in the games, I kinda wanted to do some pokemon fanarts to also practice a bit with some mixing techniques, like adding colors with soft shades into some intempt of inking style XDc

So to start, I´ll draw my favorite grass type Pokemon, Rillaboom, executing its move of Drum Beating.

For me monkeys are funny and curious wild animals, so my starter was of course Grookey (Usually I choose my starter for what I see as them as babies, not because of how it looks the final evolution, I always avoid knowing that) And the fact that ended up as a gorilla instead of a similar primate as Infernape, I was grateful and felt all rewarding XDc Not to mention that he reminded me to Donkey Kong, and when I do that I can´t stop hearing DK soundtrack, which happens to be one of my favorites in the games´OST.

So there we have it! Which grass type pokemon is your favorite and why? owo

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