Materialization Technique by Symbolhero

Materialization Technique


22 December 2015 at 21:48:11 MST

Time to show something about Celes.

She has a peculiar technique that technically none other drakanian was able to dominated it since it´s scientific impossible to work it out. The reason how she can do this is still a mysterious.

As you can see, her sword create a light blue shining look. Technically that sword is not a common sword, the only thing she´s holding is just the sword´s handle, but without the blade on it. With her own Krestia, she focus a certain area on the handle and spread it out to create a solid obect with a mass concentrarion of Krestia.

To recall, Krestia is the vital energy that it´s nos visible or solid. Naturally when in some areas has a mass concentration of Krestia, that area creates a stone, which is a solid shape of that energy. Making that manually by a drakanian is impossible even for keep it up for long time, but somehow Celes was able to keep the solid shape of the Krestia, even in the shape she want to create. She only need a catalyst to make the reference of what she wants, in this case a saber thanks to the handle.

She has been practicing few fighting techniques with different weapons, until she realised that the saber, a rapier, staff, and the bow were her favourite weapons and fighting skills. So of course, she has with her different handles for each weapon to take it out and focus her Krestia to create the weapon.

To make a good example, imagine the light sabers of starwards XDDD

Shape, size and volume were very real enough as if it´s a real weapon, but it´s easy for her to carry on mutiple weapons and use the right ones depending rhe circunstances.

And yeah, she does know how to fight, she´s not the little lady in distress to be rescued by a man XD maybe she can save the man in distress heheh XD

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